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I am of the opinion that dual nationals should be excluded from the three branches of government unless they renounce citizenship of the second or third countries and elect only US citizenship.This would apply to all countries including Israeli nationals.
Frankly it is repulsive the sway that AIPAC and dual national Israelis have on US foreign policy and their courting and threatening of congressmen and senators. It is simply bad for the whole world.

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All my voting life I have voted Democratic, including financial support. I find that the Dems no longer share the same values as I do. Tulsi Gabbard is closest to my values and ideals but she has little chance of being the nominee given the DNC bias. I will certainly not vote for Biden, he is corrupt. I would vote for Bernie, but again he will not carry the nomination and has been smeared by the establishment. If he runs as an independent I will back him financially and with my vote.
It is looking like I will abstain in 2020 as I did in 2016, when I could not bring myself to vote for evil, warmonger Clinton.

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It would be wonderful to see a Labour government recognize the Palestine state, and also to provide aid. The attitude of Israel towards Palestinians is deplorable. Israel seems to see Arabs as only suitable for providing land and resources to an ever expansing Zionist Israel.

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Go for it Bernie....I would love to see you and Tulsi on the same ticket and get this loathsome creep, Trump, out of the WH.

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She got rave reviews in the corporate media like the Guardian. When I saw the transcript I wasn't too sure about her, and Ray McGovern is right in my opinion, she's still fighting the Cold War all over again.....she has been totally propaganda-ised.

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Biden needs to step aside in this race...he's too old, too corrupt and too sleepy. Let's get some young blood in there with Tulsi Gabbard as nominee (perhaps one of the few non corrupt elected officials in the US)

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Seems to be a pretty accurate assessment of the US's sordid history of keeping treaties. Weren't the Indian Wars also marred by endless breaking of treaties. Look at Iran, tricked into signing a treaty which wasn't honored. Anyone who does a deal with the US is eaters very, very desperate or very, very foolish.

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What can one say? The Empire is evil.All Empires as as anyone who has watched Star Wars knows, except the happy endings in Star Wars are not reality. The reality is that you peris
Add to the toll all the lives that have been blighted by war, as your school goes up in flames courtesy of the American air force....or your hospital gets blown away....or your house...or your family perish. War brings nothing good to anyone except the Masters of War who profit from the arms sales. Bob Dylan wrote a song about it years ago during that quaint little war in SE Asia in a forgotten country called Vietnam. Not content with destroying Vietnam, the wonderful Americans dropped a B52 load of bombs every 9 minutes for 8 years on Laos....a country they were not even at war with....kids still die in Laos from the unexploded ordnance....and they other country called Cambodia where America trained the Khmer Rouge who then went and killed two million Cambodians. War is ugly, it is evil and no one should respect the people who start wars, lobby for wars, vote for wars, or make & sell bombs. They should be derided, reviled and spat upon.

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I guess I am part of the 1% here. I like this woman....not everything about her....but her attitude to war, which is unlike the chickenhawk Congress and Senate. And war is the number on issue for me.
In war innocents get killed maimed, and even if they escape this, have their lives blighted by refugee camps, closed schools, and barrages of missiles. I hate war and will support any candidate that renounces it. It is incidentally the reason I preferred Trump to Clinton, who is just another Neo-con warmonger. Not that I actually voted....but I was hoping Bernie would run as independent....he's have got my vote.
So avuncular Biden? Corrupt, creepy and deadly boring....no chance of beating Trump who has already christened him 'Sleepy, creepy Joe Biden" NO, no, no, say I.
Elizabeth Warren......her relationship with reality is as tenuous as Trumps....is she a Native American? She just makes stuff up on the fly, lies and all.
Bernie. I love Bernie but his health has let him down and he has no chance of winning.
All the rest are establishment plus.....you can almost here them praying to Deep State every evening, promising them to make serfs of the citizenry. Makes one almost wish Clinton would renounce war and run again.

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When the US and allies drove ISIS out of IRAQ, the Kurds wanted an autonomous state then, having fought valiantly on behalf go the US. The US refused. Many said at the time that the US had stabbed the Kurds in the back then. Move forward a few years and the US have stabbed the Kurds again in the back.....clearly it was always their intention to do so....even with some oil (that has to be exported via Turkey) the Kurds are economically useless to the US, not much better than an African nation, whereas Turkey is economic gold.
We have had years of waffling on the issue from 2 US presidents, so a betrayal was always the most likely outcome.
What will happen next? Well the whole region is becoming balkanized and I do not see any stable alliances given the differing objectives of the competing nations.
I would like to see Syria free again, controlling the whole of their territory and then to have free and fair elections (in which Assad Amy stand if he wishes). The last polling data I wsaw was that he was surprisingly popular given he has been smeared as a butcher which is certainly an exaggeration....neither has he ever gassed his own people (the US backed rebels do that). Having said that the poll didn't include people who have left the county, either to escape Assad or to get their families out of the way of harm from missiles and bombs.
The US have a number of undeclared military objectives in Syria as well.....chiefly to do with Iran rather than Syria so we will have to guess where they will stand on future alliances. One would think that Kurds will shun any further contact with the US, but that is not true. The Kurds can never be accused of being realists and they will fall again for a promise of an autonomous homeland if the US offers it, despite this latest betrayal.