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A more despicable and unChristian human being than Pompeo is difficult to imagine. Where in the New Testament does Jesus say, go out and start wars all over the world? <div style="display:block;margin:6px 0 0"><a class="a2a_dd" href="https://www.addtoany.com/share#url=http%3A%2F%2 Fwww.informationclearinghouse.info%2F55097-c.htm&title=Comment%20-%E2%80%98My%20First%20Calling%20Is%20to%20My%20Savior%E2%80%99%3A%20Pompeo%20Brags%20He%20Is%20Using%20Role%20of%20Secretary%20of%20State%20to%20Evangelize%20World%20Leaders'><img src="https://static.addtoany.com/buttons/share_save_171_16.png" width='171' height='16' border='0' alt='Share' srcset='https://static.addtoany.com/buttons/share_save_342_32.png 2x'/>

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Usual evidence-free accusations by the US. These are getting really tiresome, lie after lie after lie. All backed up by a compliant media using the propaganda to spread hatred for china in America and elsewhere. There are dark and secret reasons for this that Deep State know about.....and this pattern of evidence-free accusation against Iran, Syria, China, Venezuela to prepare US citizens for war has become really tiresome.....the US is not a force for good in the world...it is a ruthless and evil empire.

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I pray that this crisis brings a change leading to less inequality...but I do not believe it. There is no example in human history, except perhaps for the French Revolution where the rich and powerful have actually suffered.

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Really the jury is still out on the casques of this virus and even whether it is a man made bioweapon leaked maliciously or accidentally. If it is a man made bioweapon, then one must ask the question who leaked it. It doesn't seem to benefit China so who benefits the most.....well the US are the main beneficiaries as they have been waging economic war for the past 18 month against a rising China. A virus could stop them in their tracks. I cannot think of any other nation that benefits from this disaster, apart from perhaps Japan, whose influence in Asia is waning slightly, or S. Korea with their passionate hatred of the Chinese. But they have much to lose and little to gain.
My conclusion is that it is a CIA plot to weaken China, an accidental release from a Wuhan laboratory. People are working on a vaccine....if the US comes up with one quickly, it's odd on that they leaked the virus maliciously to see its effect, knowing that they could protect the US by vaccinating the population.

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I am of the opinion that dual nationals should be excluded from the three branches of government unless they renounce citizenship of the second or third countries and elect only US citizenship.This would apply to all countries including Israeli nationals.
Frankly it is repulsive the sway that AIPAC and dual national Israelis have on US foreign policy and their courting and threatening of congressmen and senators. It is simply bad for the whole world.

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All my voting life I have voted Democratic, including financial support. I find that the Dems no longer share the same values as I do. Tulsi Gabbard is closest to my values and ideals but she has little chance of being the nominee given the DNC bias. I will certainly not vote for Biden, he is corrupt. I would vote for Bernie, but again he will not carry the nomination and has been smeared by the establishment. If he runs as an independent I will back him financially and with my vote.
It is looking like I will abstain in 2020 as I did in 2016, when I could not bring myself to vote for evil, warmonger Clinton.

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It would be wonderful to see a Labour government recognize the Palestine state, and also to provide aid. The attitude of Israel towards Palestinians is deplorable. Israel seems to see Arabs as only suitable for providing land and resources to an ever expansing Zionist Israel.

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Go for it Bernie....I would love to see you and Tulsi on the same ticket and get this loathsome creep, Trump, out of the WH.

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She got rave reviews in the corporate media like the Guardian. When I saw the transcript I wasn't too sure about her, and Ray McGovern is right in my opinion, she's still fighting the Cold War all over again.....she has been totally propaganda-ised.

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Biden needs to step aside in this race...he's too old, too corrupt and too sleepy. Let's get some young blood in there with Tulsi Gabbard as nominee (perhaps one of the few non corrupt elected officials in the US)