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Hilter was of course and evil genius, but when it came to snatching power and persecuting communists, I really think Joseph Goebbels was the evil genius behind Nazism. I think he took propaganda to a new level really understanding the minds of people, first locally in Berlin and then nationwide. 8 million people joined the Party but I think he swayed many more than that and bought a lot of silence from people who should have been shouting from the rooftops.

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I've never read it....perhaps I'll take a look if it is not banned on Kindle.....then again maybe not. If I search for it on Google though, I'll get a visit from the FBI. Surveillance stinks.

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Tulsi is one of the very few honest congressmen, and one of the exceedingly few with any sort of moral compass. Cputires that have pretensions to the moral high ground should have a foreign policy that is based on some sort of morality, and not this "ends justifies the means" policy that the US uses, so that they can legitimise arming and paying ISIS and al Nusra terrorists while having laws that they are using now to try to detain an Iranian vessel, that prohibit finding terrorists. The hypocrisy, immorality, lack of regard for the truth, and lack respect for their own laws is shameless and shocking.
Is Mike Pompeo the worst SoS that there has ever been?

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It is difficult to disagree with Bernie Sanders on this issue. Congress also desperately needs to enact a rule that legislators cannot be dual citizens to stop the ongoing abuse of Congress and Senator by AIPAC and Israel.

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I do wish the US would stop legislating outside their jurisdiction. Iran should be free to sell their oil. The sanctions and laws of the US have no effect outside the US and the EU and US allies should stop enforcing them.

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Agree 100%. The Iranians would be insane to negotiate. They have bent over backwards, signed and complied with the JCPOA to end up in a much worse economic situation than before signing...shame on the EU for falling in behind illegal US sanctions....the coming of INSTEX was too little too late. They should've stood solidly behind Iran and had reciprocal fines on US tech giants if the US applied sanctions to EU firms doing business with Iran.....instead they rolled over like cowed curs. Now what we always have, demonisation of a Nation, its leader, false flags, endless provocations and a march to war lead by a madman, Bolton and an odious individual who boasted of lying cheating and sweating when he was uncharge of the CIA, Mr Pompous himself.
Tragic. Iran needs support from the international community. What I would like to see are Russian and Chinese warships in the Gulf protecting Iranian shipping, with oil going to those countries to be reported as Chinese or Russian oil.....paid for in Yuan or Rubles.

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Russia should send a large detachment of soldiers to Iran and tell the US if any get killed by their bombs there will be war. The US picks off week players one at a time....it is like a school bully that everyone hates being able to fight a mob on at a time. They have offered S400s to Iran and Iran mysteriously have ignored the offer....they need to be able to inflict as much damage as they can on Israeli and US fighter and bombers if they are to survive.

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Pompeo and Bolton are vying with MbS and Netanyahu for the total of world's most evil man.

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I do wish the West had a leader of Putin's calibre. I can't help looking at team USA with Trump and Pompeo versus team Russia with Putin and Lavrov....it is boys and amateurs against men and professionals.

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There is more to the story than this....but it is accurate as far as it goes. Interesting to note that Gadhafi wanted to launch a pan-African gold-backed currency, before he was so ignominiously killed. The use of SWIFT and sanctions to threaten nations and individuals will surely, if nations have any sense at all, lead to a concerted effort to build alternatives to SWIFT and the dollar....it's not as if the dollar is a well managed currency with trillions of dollars printed or magicked up on a computer screen....it has to affect the value of the dollar adversely at some point.