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Thought he had gone all satirical with Project Umubano.

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Doesn't matter how you rearrange the desks and chairs in Whtehall. So long as we choose to still follow OECD rules we will not be making our own policy. Johnson must know this.

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Couldn't play the video of Boris making this announcement so no idea of what I can do or can't do. If my wife and I cannot go together to visit our children or grandchildren we'll just have to file for divorce and go separately in two cars. Presumably this is why the government is rushing through quickier divorces. Or was that just so that Boris and the Minx could tie the knot? I really do begin to despair of this lot.

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It wil be many years, if ever, before we understand and agree what this bug is or was and what to do about it.

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It cannot be beyond the wit of those in charge to devise a secure system by which they vote by smart phone, tablet or laptop.

We are not talking about a huge electorate and any fraud would come quickly to light.

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When did he last see his father?

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Will this app pick up on academics travelling illegally across London for a spot of R&R?

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Why is this man still a minister?

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I wore a face mask for the first time today on a visit to my local surgery. No problem except that I also wear glasses which were permanently misted up.

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What does appear somewhat shambolic is who is responsible for what. When we talk about the Government, who do we mean - the Secretary of State, the Dept of Health, the NHS or PHE?