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"self-employed people don’t get the same benefits as employed people – such as holiday pay, entitlement, sick pay, maternity pay". To which add no employer's pension contributions, no redundancy pay and often having to wait months until they actually see money they are owed with zero redress if a creditor goes bust. And very often they are not just working under a zero hours contract. In many cases there is no contract at all. Just verbal agreements.

The civil servants who have dreamt up the new scheme have no idea what is like to be self-employed and when it is explained to them they are incapable of imagining what it is like or why anyone would want to do it. Same goes for politicians.

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In my early 70s I have become a fairly heavy user of NHS services and free medication. I cannot fault the professionalism and efficiency of all the staff I encounter. Whether the country will be able to afford a similar level of care in future is debatable.

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First of all work out what it's for.

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One of the most significant phrases in their original announcement was that H&M intended to 'carve out a progressive new role within this institution'.
If you are going to do that you have to be a full member of the institution. You cannot leave and then try to reform something (other examples occur) from the outside. Equally, it is very difficult to be progressive without being political. Neither Charles nor William seem to have taken this on board. It is hardly surprising that Harry has not either.

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This author clearly suffers from OCD. He should find something else to bother himself with. And not here.

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Absolutely right. The bias comes from the choice of stories and how they are reported. In other words it is political bias rather than party political bias. The irony is that it appears to have little effect. People make up their own minds and vote accordingly.

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We can manage perfectly well without most of these organisations. Cummings, please note.

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Dinner party from hell - having to spend an evening listening to Jess Phillips going on about being working class (not).

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Could be my best Christmas ever. All the family together. I can face the rest of my life out of the EU and free of socialism destroying what wealth is left me. Thank you Boris.

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Any party promising that we rejoin the EU will be toast; if only because that would mean joining the euro. This could also be the SNP's fate.
The next election will be about our record on the economy (both private and public) and public services.