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I'm truly amazed that man has made it this far??? How did our forefathers breed such ignorance into the intellectual thinking of today???? If we don't know whats down there then don't mess with IT, IT will still be there when the freakin bridge is built over IT and IT will be SAFER since IT was never touched!!!!

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Maybe you ought to get a CLUE, dems and pubs don't really give a good F*** (sorry for the pun) for your plight anywhere in the world REALLY!!!

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Obviously the real owners either don't care or it's a house bought with drug money and the owners don't want the publicity!! If the utility's are on and current and no ones complaining, other than the nosy neighbors LET IT GO!!!

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Just how much is the tax payer on the hook for??? Better be a big fat -0-

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This story just rambles on and on, the punk had a room full of guns, was a punk, killed a punk, now he can get punked in jail, end of story. Two short paragraphs would have sufficed for this article!

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Does the history you speak of have anything to do with the fact that it was WHITE bleeding heart liberals er PROGRESSIVES that started the whole charade??

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Grand Mound area is nothing more than "Accident Alley", last week it was semi's, week before that cars, hardly a week goes by without an accident of some sort.

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UHHHHHH, "Once people start flying on the Dreamliner", when will that be------the 12th of NEVER????

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How does the song go??? sha na na, Hey Hey Hey GOODBYE murphy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!