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The lib-dems appear to be more left-wing than labour. I can't believe the naivity of people out there. Clegg "wins" a tv debate now suddenly he's the Godsend the country's been looking for. They don't even bother to read their policies. I saw their political broadcast last Wednesday on bbc and he kept going on about fairness, fairness fairness. It should be obvious that "fairness" really means anti-white anti-british discrimination. More ethnic minorities, more women in the workplace and only because they're ethnics or women, not because they have the experience and skills for their job. I fear Britain will be fully colonised a lot faster under the lib-dems than under labour.

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I wonder how long medical treatment will stay free. Just like the banks, hospitals will soon become privatised and profit driven. With lucrative salaries, they'll attract the best doctors and nurses, and with the state hospitals losing their best staff and minimal goverment funding, the average brit will have no choice but to take out medical insurance in order to get any kind of first class medical treatment, and the NHS hospitals will slowly sink to levels seen in third world countries.

Don't say you weren't warned! Make your vote count at the next election.

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Wow, I am quite shocked by the GMP's response. For once it wasn't "a small minority not representative of their community". Lets see what sentence, if any, Mr Bennett is given for inciting such unprovoked violence.

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"Positive discrimination" never has worked and never will. Ask South Africa or Zimbabwe

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I'm still astounded by the number of votes Labour still get. I guess it's a good indication on the size of the immigrant population in Leicestershire.

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I can imagine Liebour or the Cons curbing population growth in future years, not by halting immigration, but by limiting the number of children per family to one, like they do in China. Of course this would only be enforced on the white population as the other lot will be able to escape this law on cultural and religious grounds and continue to have 5/6 kids on average. It will only take 2 - 3 generations to completely eradicate this once great country of the indigenous population. Vote BNP.

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He is sooo lucky he isn't white. Otherwise we'd hear the cries of raaaaaaaaaaaaaccccist!

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The upcoming general election could be the most crucial in history, in fact it may even be the last one ever if Labour get in again. A complete dictatorship is on the cards if the political correctness and equality snowball keeps gathering momentum. Stop caring what other people think and vote bnp!

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It's amazing that you never hear about all this violence on the news. But let a few football fans get a bit roudy and you won't hear the end of it..

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The question is: Is Anjem Choudary representative of his community or not?