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Thank you.

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Who has insulted your father that you use this abusive language? Could you give us some more details?

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Hi Rehman, thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I no longer live in Kabul.
Wish you the best.

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Looks delicious!

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Please have a look at this link with photos and you will find it is the same girl:

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Dear Munir,

Thank you for visiting me here and for your comment. Its nice to hear from you. And it is also great to know that you now work with Aaj TV as reporter. How is Bashar Sahib? Pass my warmest regards to him. My email is

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Dear Omar, thank you for pointing out about the mistake. I edited it.

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Thank you for the additional information. you provided, Someone. At the time I was in the protest they were in hundreds. May be the number grew later. Anyway, thanks for your information.

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Dear Someone, thank you for your comments and the additional information. @John, thank you for your kind suggestions. I agree.

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Dear Dr. Musa, thank you for your comment. The issue is not solved, of course. I contacted many offices but it seems there is no government at all. It is extremely disappointing and annoying. Brought a man from the electricity office in Deh Mazang but then found that the meter was locked. When tried to call the man who locks the meter, none of his numbers worked. The man from the Deh Mazang office does not know what to do. He works for the government, but we have to bring him in a taxi and then pay for his return to the office like a property dealer.