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Puuuuh, I finally realised that you mean a special program called fixrecovery and not the normal Tiny Umbrella :-) So I gave it a try and ran the programm. This finally brought me back!!!

It´s really the only page you get the help you really need within minutes!

Thanks alot!

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TinyUmbrella v6.00.01 - Recovery Devices - 9224621686: I rightclick the number and can just choose "Exit Recovery" (Delete Device and Enter Recovery are both grey). When I click Exit Recovery it reboots into Recovery mode again!

And I can´t use the Redsn0w Recovery Fix because for this the phone needs to be OFF and mine is not :-(

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Recovery Mode: No USB attached, I hold Power+Home till phone reboots. But reboots into Recovery Mode. So that could mean there is no working iOS installed and I should probably restore with Redsnow. To do so I need the phone to be in pwned dfu state, I use iReb-5 to get there (limerain exploit works too).

Redsn0w Restore: I get an error "Custom Ramdisk detected. Please enter Pwned DFU mode before trying to restore this IPSW". I thought I am in pwned dfu?! Apparently not...

Redsn0w Pwned DFU: It immediately starts the limerain exploit, reboots and Redsn0w crashes, leaving me in Recovery Mode.

So I have not idea how I will ever get out of this vicious circle...

EDIT2: I will try your advices asap. Thx!

EDIT3: I used Tiny Umbrella and found a "Recovery Device". Right click - Exit Recovery makes the phone reboot ending up in Recovery mode again. I feel like dying :-(

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iPhone 4 (4.3.3 and very old baseband) is stuck in dfu mode.
I restored with redsn0w 0.9.15b2 from my (old) custom 4.3.3 ipsw but ended in recovery mode.
I´m using iReb-r5 and Redsn0w trying to get the (edit) phone working again but NO CHANCE.
It´s always "pwnd dfu mode" or "soft dfu mode" or "recovery mode".

What do I have to do to shut the phone down (without automatic reboot into recovery mode) so that I can jailbreak with redsn0w...

Thank you!

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Hi there,

hm that does not seem to be good for me then...
It´s my first attempt to install iOS5, never had it before, so that´s why I have no hashes saved?
Or is there a chance I can do this at this moment?

Thank you very much!

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iPhone 4 (bb 01.59.00)
iTunes 10.6
iReb for DFU (tried redsn0w for DFU too)
Want to install iOS5.0.1 (Custom and activated)
ALWAYS get 1600 Error!!! (my old iOS3.4.3 installes flawless!!!)

Tried 3 different Computers and 3 different Custom Firmwares (2 from internet and one done with snowbreeze 2.9 AND 2.9.2)
Tried Win7/OSX, different USB and tried iTunes 10.2.


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thanks for your reply, but making a bb is not the problem for me.
My problem is to know whether I can make it activated AND if I will be able to unlock then..
thx anyway

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Hi, I have an iPhone 4 with 4.3.3 and bb 1.59.00
It is currently unlocked with redsn0w.
I need an activated custom ipsw.
Can I update safely to iOS 5?

Thanks for your advice

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Is it necessary to get in DFU mode with the help of pwnage/sn0wbreeze or can I do it on my own with:
Holding Home+Sleep fo 10 sec and then release Sleep but hold Home for another 10 secs?
My iTunes recognizes a iPhone in restore mode. So am I good to go with alt/shift+restore?


I just tried to restore but got the 1600 Error. Does this have anything to do with my DFU being wrong or something?

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I tried on two computers with all tricks but didn´t get it working.
All ipsw have different sizes.
Compatibility and Administrator where applied...