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It often takes a watchful outsider, such as in Germany, to see the whole picture and describe it clearly. Thank you, Corejscu.

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Max Blumenthal is a hero to me. I must ask: what has happened to another hero, the news of Jullian Assange being referred to as being held falsely, as his lawyers have said. A federal judge declared this about a week ago. This judgement is important and the first good news I have heard of in years. WHERE is it being reported besides where I heard it, somewhere on-line? How can we show our support and joy at this if the news of it is suppressed? ICH has not received word of this?

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I don't see many demonstrations planned. I would like to see a really big one with the balloon of Trump floating high for starters and then more wonderfully sarcastic balloons and/or signs to carry the flavor of shaming the cruel absurdity of our "leaders" war. That will take a lot of planning ahead of time, but time well spent.

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I have a feeling that this herd of propagandised people have an instinct buried in their unconscious which is wiser than the conscious part. This can cause conflicting feelings; a very painful condition. I wonder if there in a connection between this instinct and a high and growing suicide rate in recent years. But light a little candle in the darkness; a tiny point of light makes a difference. One example is the large, very recent attention that Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez and Ulhan Omar have gotten. I am watching and waiting. But otherwise, frankly, I often don't have much hope.

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the new "real" driver's license in California is ominous. Term "real" is unnecessary; it indicates only that the license can be used in getting a ticket to travel by air as well as to drive. But what if you have no plan to fly and no wish to go to the extra trouble to get a
'real' license; then you can seem to have an unnreal license; you are a somewhat unknown quantity, and that means you have not proved yourself entirely OK by the government. I don't wish to imagine what abuses that opens you up to.

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I thought Communist China did not give the right to protest to the Chinese, but we in the Western world have that right. Maybe that is the problem; we are secure in our rights; nothing really bad can happen to us.

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This is astounding news. How could it have been so suppressed? It gives hope for action by the American public, which the mainstream media blocks. I think the only way to deal with the apparent indifference of the public mind is to call a spade a spade: the media is owned mostly by a few Zionist billionaires. It has been increasingly so for years. Actually I think the public is waking up slowly to this. It is people like Vlitchek that lead the way. Also Assange. I think that the indifference and denial the public, much of it , is in, induces a sense of helplessness and insecurity rather than smug security, at least for many people. When there are a few who stand up for the truth, act as leaders, then others will follow.Frankly, all I am doing now is wearing tee shirts that blatantly advertise, "Free Assange"," Tulsi 2020", one of Putin that says "I voted" (my favorite). I want to make clear I am totally open to discussion with anyone about the issues. That I am oblivious to the corporate propaganda that says they are none of my business.Meanwhile I wait for leadership, which is starting to come from Tulsi Gabbard, Ilhan Omar, AOC,and others.

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Mother Nature bats last.

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They must know they have made themselves hated. So they are afraid. Can these aggressors ever take responsibility for what they have done, can they grow up and take a look in the mirror? I have the impression that is never the Israeli way. In fact the Jewish religion counsels against that. Christianity counsels for that, in my opinion. Very important difference between the religions.

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My guess is this tidy job was done by very competent saboteurs, the CIA.