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What's a progressive?

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He carries BECAUSE HE CAN LEGALLY! And if the the boss ok's it, there ya go. Get all squirmy when you see an American legally excersising his 2nd Amendment right? Take your self somewhere else. Some of you folks really get righteous until the chips are down and you have nothing to respond with. Law enforcement in this country have no requirement to defend YOU. That has been decided in the courts. Don't believe me? Look it up yourself. What are you gonna do when the bad guys come for you? There are "sheep, sheepdogs and wolves" all around you. What path you gonna follow?

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"the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

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RD is right on the money. 99 counties could have 99 different requirements for CCW, all established by an elected sheriff. The issue has been debated heavily the last few years with many different forms of legislation being presented. Shall Issue laws had been enacted in 39 other states before Iowa. What Iowa needs now is a Castle Doctrine. The ability to protect your life and property without threat of civil prosecution.

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I am not a Cedar Rapids ciitzen. But I think I would be attending my council meetings and asking why. We have noticed an increasing trend for activities such as this across our country. The authorities are using active duty and national guard troops in these "safety checks" as well. This is a de-sensitizing of the general populace to police and military intervention in our everyday activities. It used to be called "selective enforcement" where you concentrated your efforts to reduce a public risk: ie high traffic accident sites, etc. A previous poster was correct in asking why are we not addressing real issues of public safety in the areas where it is a problem.

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Studebaker has seen better days................

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Ah, Fort Irwin, my once home away from home. Sunglasses, wide brim hat or shemagh a must. Drink lotsa water Mark. And watch out for rattlesnakes and scorpions.

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With a $40,000 shortfall, is it obvious this TAX, is supposed to help defray the shelter's red ink. Is that correct City of Cedar Rapids?

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Just like you types to "categorize" everybody.

Likes of you gripe and moan about everything. You look for a reason to put anything and anybody down. Guess it makes you feel better about yourself. I doubt you even know what your ID means.

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Gosh folks, life goes on. And as far as the coach and his salary. He has put Iowa in the national spotlight. and he does not take any money out of my wallet unless I chose to give it up. So let whoever decides his salary deal with that.

Most of you naysayers were not around when the Hawks were perpetual bottom dwellers in the Big 10. It is after all just a game.