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Question for Dodger fans out there...the BoSox need someone at short...would us Dodger fans think a move at Saito would be a good idea? I am thinking Hu and ???? for Saito. The could give a trio of Wade, Saito and Broxton for the 7th, 8th & 9th.

Even if it is just a rental, I almost think if that sort of deal can be done, Ned should consider it...

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right now at the plate Martin is making Steve Yeager look like Rod Carew.

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So, yes, Kershaw's not where we would all love him to be, but the only guy I would bring up for a shot at the rotation would be a total crap shoot and that is Haeger which might just kill poor Martin or put Assmunch in traction. I even wonder if it has been Kershaw's control which has kept Haeger on the farm so far. Or maybe I just miss the Charlie Hough years. :)

If it were not for the team carrying 13-pitchers for so long this season, the records could be very different...4 less wins is an 8-game swing.

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yup...Kershaw has control probs, but if anyone here can remember early Nolan Ryan games, hell, the guy might k's 12 and walk 11. It just happens that way with some pitchers. Kershaw is not going to improve pitching in ABQ. One reason is the altitude is going to frustrate him as his pitches stop moving so much so any control he might seem to gain could very well be an illusion. Just an inch or two less movement on a pitch can mean the difference. ABQ can reduce movement that much all by itself.

Next, the "ace" Billz, is not exactly thrifty with pitches either. So, the burden on the pen is not all on Kershaw. Wolf is pretty OK on his pitch counts and who knows where Kuroda will be, or how long before the next time he throws a shoe. One thing about Kershaw is he is physically sound. Every 5th day he is out there for his turn. He is not hurting the team at all, he is filling a spot in the rotation, saving the team money over a washed up 5-inning SP veteran who has zero long or near term upside over where Kershaw is today.

459 weeks ago @ - THE... - Joe Shakes It Up A Lit... · 0 replies · +1 points in the throne room!! Don't you hate it when your legs fall asleep while watching the game? Bugs me no end. ;)

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Casey Blake = this teams "Mr. Blake" ??

460 weeks ago @ - THE... - May 20, 2009 - How Man... · 0 replies · +1 points's LA!! In LA everyone has "issues", no big deal right? ;)

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There is still a team in Anaheim? I remember reading there was a, hockey I think it was(?) team there and maybe there once was a team when I was a kid, but, you know, I just can't recall any team there these days?

Who is on the schedule this weekend? ;)

So, ummmm, yeah, you could say, eh....not so far as caring. The only time I ever read an Angels box score as a kid was when Ryan pitched. And that was just to see if he walked more guys that he K'd or that was a fun time! :D