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I forgot to add to my comment on why are we buying oil from OPEC that you must GOOGLE this address( to get the article I was referring to. As Glenn says... Blood will shoot from your eyes!

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Why are we buying oil from OPEC????? Check this out for a real eye opener on crude oil. <a href="" target="_blank"> Spread the word!

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On the subject of the New World Order: I have read a couple of stories about chem trails that were linked to an article on the NWO. I really wasn't sure what to think about them (true or rantings?). Then this morning I watched the weather with my morning coffee at 8:00am. It showed the cloud cover / clearing line moving South over CT. with the line just South of my home. I looked out the window to check the sky out and saw 4 perfectly parallel and equidistant vapor (chem) trails just below the clearing line of clouds. They took better than 30 minutes to spread out and look like a thin cloud cover. I live in an area where some jet traffic flies over us enroute to Bradley Airfield in Windsor Locks but I have never seen anything like this in the ten years we have lived here. Why would any jets fly in that formation I don't know. I'm beginning to think there might be something to the chem trail theory. Any ideas?