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I honestly think this isn't a bad idea. I was adopted by not-rich white people (I am also white), and from my experience, most people that adopt are middle-income people who truly care about the kids they adopt.

I am a flaming liberal commie pro-choice LIEBRUL, but I really don't "like" abortion and am happy that someone from the GOP has suggested something other than NO ABORTIONS FOR ANYONE EVER AND WOMEN SHOULD JUST SHUT THEIR MOUTHS AND THEIR VAGINAS! While the GOP could to more to provide for single mothers so they don't feel it's necessary to have an abortion in the first place or give their babies up for adoption, this isn't really all that terrible. My two cents anyway.

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Everyone here should know that, because Mexicans are from Mexico, they are made out of tortillas. Tortillas cannot swim. Problem solved. Jesus people. Get a clue.

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The title of this article implies that MSNBC was not wrecked before DJ Jazzy Steele was hired. This of course, is not possible, because MSNBC is a 24-hour news channel. And everyone knows that 24-hour news channels are made from poop.

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You know that you really, really need to shut the fuck up when Southern Baptist women, I repeat, SOUTHERN FUCKING BAPTIST WOMEN, tell you that you are too conservative. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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This is all Rush's doing. He's been calling them the Democrat party forever. This results from a desire to distance Democrats from a system that is "Democratic." It's a sign that whoever says it is "in the know" as far as Rush is concerned. This is good for those of us that despise that fucking windbag, because it's a sign that a person not only listens to Rush, but actually allows themselves to become a walking Limbaugh talking point.

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I really don't understand what's going on here at my Wonkette. I certainly don't agree with pretty much any of the major wars we've started over the last decade, and I certainly don't think it's appropriate for the US to wave its dick around in the faces of other countries. I don't approve of the death penalty and I generally think that we are terrible to Muslims. That being said, I am pumped that Osama bin Motherfuckingassholemotherfucker is dead, and I'm glad that we were the ones that killed him. No matter what our current foreign policy is, it's cathartic to know that some Navy Seal saw bin Laden, saw that he was unarmed, and shot him in his fucking eye anyway. Fuck that guy. Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him forever.

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I'm pretty sure that, after that first giant fall, I will have shit myself. And I know that most humans shit themselves before they go, but somehow a roller coaster combined with uncontrollable bowels doesn't sound good, no matter how euphoric the twisty, turny, 50 g-force ending is.

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Yes, but then you'd be forcing him to share his blood with the bat, which would be communism. See, there is no way to beat them. No matter what we do, we are commies! We are so fucked!

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I was wondering when the wingnuts would get around to calling "sharing" socialist. If Jesus came back right now, I'd give him about 5 minutes before the Christians tore him apart. Come to think of it, at this point he'd probably be an atheist.

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Ohmygodjesuschrist! How the fuck does there "appear to be a gap?" Seriously?! Is it actually humanly possible for someone that is foreign born to be elected? I mean, come on. We're talking about one of the most powerful governments in the world. With all of the other conspiracies that people believe the US government is capable of pulling off, do people really think that they wouldn't know if the President faked his fucking birth certificate?