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I am a "developer". I may be the only one who "tests" something I have worked on, to determine whether I am "done" or not. Maybe you could suggest that being "done" means that it works. It can be tested without the DNS change propagating, if your "developers" understand how web addresses work, and have a "test" instance of the application.

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The thing I never understood was, in the age of computers and databases, how is it that nobody knew the value of the financial instruments that were made up of thousands of mortgages. Thousands of anything is peanuts to a computer. So, nobody could figure out how to add up thousands of pieces to determine what the thing was worth? Nobody suspected that a 1800 square foot house in the exurbs of Tampa was probably not worth $400K? Seemed like such a flimflam.

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Actually, GN, "I admit it, I'm a grammar Nazi; and I'm sending you to commacentration camp" is a little clearer. ;-)

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Well, a white man.

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Brilliant writing. A real gem! Was there an actual example in the email of something a liberal actually did or said that was Nazi-ish?

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A ghost writer "helped" her write the book, but she wrote her PhD thesis on her own, right? Right? Well, if she had help with the thesis, how did she compensate the helper? Just wonderin'.

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Which was is the Supreme Court Leaning with their infinite Electoral College votes?

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This will most certainly spell doom for Obama among formerly undecided voters in key swing states.

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Did you see the size of his American Flag lapel pin? To out do him, one would need American Flag epaulets.