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It is indeed intended to hide spoilers. It uses the "rot13" code, so if you go to and paste in the gibberish, it will be translated (or if you paste in normal English, you get gibberish).

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I have other thoughts I will have time for later, but I do really hate that damn sweater.

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"Naq abgnoyl, gurl qba'g cynl gur ZpFjrrgra pehfu orng ng nyy. Fher, n ovt cneg vf qhr gb gur sbphf ba uvf sngure, ohg vg nyfb znxrf zr jbaqre vs ZpFjrrgra vf bire uvf pehfu"

lrf! V jnf tbvat gb zragvba gung naq gura qvqa'g. Ohg vg ernyyl vfa'g sbphfrq ba ng nyy, vf vg? V nyfb guvax ur srryf n ybg byqre va guvf rcvfbqr guna ur hfhnyyl qbrf.

Oernxvat vagb gur SOV bssvpr jbhyq or n ovg bqq rira vs ur qvqa'g xabj gur crefba urycvat uvz jnf n cebsrffvbany guvrs - fvapr, nf lbh cbvag bhg, ur vf erny SOV jurgure fur vf be abg. V thrff gung qbrfa'g zrna ur unf nhgbzngvp npprff gb rirelguvat gubhtu? Qvssrerag yriryf bs pyrnenapr? Rgp?

V guvax zl ernq vf gung ur tbrf gb "Ntrag Untna" sbe uryc, naq fur fhofrdhragyl gryyf uvz fur unf fbzr crbcyr jub pna uryc. V'z hafher ol gur raq jurgure ur guvaxf fur'f (n) qvegl (ohg va na bxnl jnl), be (o) sevraqf jvgu pevzvanyf, ohg V thrff V fgvyy guvax ur oryvrirf fur'f na ntrag. Ur vf cerggl jvyyshyyl anvir.

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I can't help but feel like there's a healthy amount of fanservice in this episode, especially for the Eliot/Parker crowd ("you want to see them kiss? here you go, why not"). And I have no problem with that.

Guvf vf nyfb gur rcvfbqr gung znxrf zr ubcr qrfcrengryl (fynfu jevgr vagb zl crefbany urnq pnaba) gung ng fbzr cbvag Cnexre qbrf gryy ZpFjrrgra gung fur vf abg naq unf arire orra na npghny SOV ntrag. Naq gura gurl pna or ubarfg ohqqvrf sbe erny yvxr Angr naq Obanaab. Naq gura znlor ur zrrgf n avpr tvey.

V qba'g xabj vs gung'f grpuavpnyyl n fcbvyre ohg vg qbrf vzcyl Cnexre vf fgvyy nyvir ng gur raq bs gur fubj, V thrff, fb gb or fnsr . . .

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Not one of my favorites either, although Nate/turtle 4eva; but also V nyjnlf zvferzrzore guvf nf gur bar nobhg gur greebe nggnpx ba gur QP Zrgeb, orpnhfr gur Zrgeb unf n Oyhr Yvar. So I tend to just forget it exists.

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I forgot to mention Hardison's desperate attempts to look cool in front of the guys while still placating his woman. <3 these kids.

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I love this episode so much. So, so much. (Does anyone else remember - I feel like this one aired on Christmas Day of the original broadcast year. Was that right?)

I don't understand in the beginning why Parker couldn't just get on the elevator with Sophie, since they're both leaving. But whatever. It's a dramatic scene?

I love a lot Beth Riesgraf's line reading, to Peggy in the bar, of "You can relax" with accompanying overdone gesture. It's SO bad high school actor. And that's why I love it! I get the impression this is Parker's best imitation of how regular people do small talk. It's just not quite right and it's so good.

On the other hand, until he realizes she doesn't know squat about cats, she really does okay with Mattingly!

Hardison's little internet friends - the elves and gnomes . . . :) Hey buddy, Parker respects your internet gaming. She just told you so two episodes ago. So it's cool.

"Does this guy look like ilovepaws(whatever)?" :) :)

Only Parker would keep sending her boyfriend pictures of the hot guy she's following around all night, and not get why he's flipping out.

I love how Tara is immediately willing to be like "this place is dead anyway, let's go." You can tell she doesn't really mean it, but she's willing to drop everything and help Parker. Aw.

Can you read my microexpressions? <3

I love (a) how quickly Peggy picks up on, and believes, that Parker is telling her something serious is going on - like, she turns on a dime and it is awesome, and (b) her going after the guy with a pan. You go, Peggy.

Also love - how Mattingly has heard of Parker and is super impressed that he just met her.

The colors of the Venezuelan flag! Yellow, red, and . . . blue with stars!

I feel like Mattingly sleeping with Tara is a little out of the blue (did he even *see* her until the very end?) but whatever.

Parker is not enjoying book club. :)

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I watched some of the British The Office, but I have a huge problem with embarrassment humor so didn't see much more than one series. Did not watch the American one. But at least I knew the style and tropes and whatnot.

But I love this episode so much.

-Sophie. "Oopsie, he was a little bit too trusting!" I love you forever, Sophie. Her notebook keeping track of Nate's snubs - amazing. (Their whole mutual griping to the camera - amazing. ("I love foreplay!")) Her willingness to trust that Parker has learned something about public speaking - misplaced trust, of course, but I love her for it. Also on the superficial level, could Gina Bellman be cuter in this episode? I love when they dress her "down," it's always adorable. More half-ponytails and cardies, please.

-Parker. One thing no one has (as of my typing) mentioned that that I LOVE so hard is her initial inability to get the "embarrassing" and "fragile" references, the hilarious prompting from the rest of the team ("pictures . . . of faces . . . famous people's faces . . .") and then her totally blowing the secrecy by getting "Bartley's counterfeiting!".

-Eliot. "Nobody throws Hardison off a roof! Except maybe me." And the face. No. Yes. No. Really. And his hilarious annoyance at going along with the code words. "Nothing fragilent!"

-Hardison. "I ate the damn sandwich. I ate the sandwich fo' sho'." ilu. And his extremely dry "What's wrong with the copier?" "IT'S NOT WORKING." ". . . appreciate it."

"Don't tell anyone I got beat up by efficiency experts."


I love that Bartley is so earnest. He's sort of a Hurley from season one, someone who starts out as the mark but turns out to be more bull-in-a-china-shop than evil. My heart is warmed by him shaking hands with the client at the end.

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I'm guessing the entire point of the zapping "experiment" is to (a) make a joke about how Parker has very little moral compass about hurting people (girl does love her taser), and to (b) give her an opportunity to act up enough to distract everyone and get thrown out. A realistic experiment probably wouldn't have worked as well, so I'm guessing they just didn't really care that much that it wasn't realistic. Which is probably really annoying to people in the profession, but - anyway my point being, I doubt they thought they were being realistic in that one.

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All of what Mark said. Plus.

-One thing I find really interesting about this episode is it's another "what could Hardison have been/done". Obviously, he was never going to be a WASP, so there's that, but he easily *could* have gone to an Ivy League school if he'd wanted to (setting aside real-world stuff like whether there is enough financial aid, presumably he could have hacked his way through that problem). As Nate pointed out way back in The Juror #6 Job, he's the one among them who could have had a lucrative "straight" career as anything he wanted. I think that adds to the tension between him and Parker in this episode, because she knows he *can* fit into this world (even given the race discrimination that is likely to happen) and she feels like she can't because she isn't "normal". (though I do think it's interesting that, although she has never been portrayed as book-smart, she is able to do his homework! and interesting that he apparently asks her to in the first place)

-Parker. <3. Like Hardison, her grift goes way over the top (pretty sure that scene of her making out with him would have worked just as well without the drunken staggering and the complaints about slut-shaming (on point though they might be)), but she's just so adorable. I love forever her earnest little speech about "and also there was all this magic?"

-PARKER. <3 <3 <3 forever that she gets to rescue her boyfriend from getting beaten up. (talk about "Parker smash," y'all). This show, as discussed recently, doesn't always get it right about gender/orientation/etc., but I do really appreciate their dedication to not having damsels in distress, to having the women able to rescue themselves if they get into trouble . . . yeah. Good choices. Love that scene a lot.

-"You want me to tell them it's the age of the geek?" ILU GUYS.

-I love this cop. And not just because she's our first absolutely-for-dead-certain LGBT character? In my headcanon she and Sophie actually did go out. Sophie didn't seem against it, particularly!

-Parker covering the guys with coats. Yes yes, it was to get cameras on them, and it probably had to be her because she was the one who had the way in, but she's so kind about it. She could have just tossed the coats into the cells, but she's very tender. Aw.

-Eliot's descriptions of the helicopter rotors. Lol. Though I would like to say it did not sound like any of those things to me, but whatever.