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delete the first five words?

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not an artist, but an art factory manager ..

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soooooo sick of israel .. pissant little country, in the newspaper EVERYDAY for FIFTY years .. crikey, knock it off already

long past caring who is right, who is wrong ..

best example in the world of the destructive nature of ego.

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reading the works of those analyzing change is always amusing, stock chartists, social analysts, or physicists ... and sort of funny in the implied wish for stability, when the truly wise simply recognize that everything changes all the time everywhere and that is reality ...

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what part of "house of cards" don't we understand? .. and, a crisis is a terrible thing to waste ... no patches, total reconstruction, please.

enjoy, gregory lent

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the less me, the more inspiration is found .... at the limit, inspiration is all that is, because it is the nature of reality, of the self, of consciousness ...

did i get that right? :-)

enjoy, gregory lent

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we are very close to a time when pr will be counter-productive ... in a hyper-connected world, everybody already knows what pr wants to say, and they can only make it worse

professionals in the field seem unaware of how disliked they are, and how uselss, metrics or not. because metrics cannot measure what is important

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that you have good powers of concentration means you are not disturbed by unnecessary mental activity .... and thinking, in the sense of being with an idea, is an inward listening process.

thoughts are a disease in the yogi world, in the same sense as worry or anxiety. having no thoughts allows one to see what is, without prejudice or limitation.

being a witness of one's thoughts leads to becoming aware of awareness itself, awareness without object, i.e. pure subject, and that opens a door into what people call enlightenment, being aware of the self while being aware of the world.

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speculators are a the target because the demand is the nearly the same as it was a year ago, but speculation that the demand would increase has lead to rising price.

i find his argument an attempt to head off criticism for a circle of friends, avoid blame, and cya pr

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"glue" is present when a service gets closer to modeling reality, or nature, which is perfectly glued, just not obvious except to an ecologist or a mystic.

one-to-one correspondence for action/reaction, stimulus/adjustment. is a decent measure for glue-ness ...

and now i want a software/platform, where the conversation is the blog ... which models many relationships in life ... on ongoing flow