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i just came here via a friendfeed page on the topic, and have to say that the only guy you should be paying attention to is stowe boyd .... the rest of them think there is some big problem, and there is not ... and if you DO think there is a problem, who are you going to listen to? the ones who agree with you? pretty silly

what you have identified with the focus of your group is a new way of describing a very old problem ... asian monks referred to it long ago as the problem of a busy mind .... and because it is new to you, and because it seems that the pace of newness is picking up, it seems daunting

and it is ..... until you realize it isn't

if you are awake, a walk in a springtime meadow in the early morning has as much sensory overload as the machine can take, plus some. yet we are not bothered. in fact we love it. why is that? because the mind innately knows how to deal with perception and sensation. and what we do in this case is collapse everything down into a feeling we call beauty, or on a really good day, awe.

there is a single understanding missing from the western world, or perhaps i should say the established western world, and that is that consciousness has subtler and grosser levels. any decent yogi knows about this, it is sort of yoga 101. if you quiet the mind, more awareness is available to use and enjoy.

if you quieten it all the way, to the point where only pure awareness is existing, without any object of thought at all, then the mind can do ANYTHING.

in this is contained the secret to dealing with attention overload. and it is the ONLY solution. aggregators of aggregators, cool new software, new apps, new social media, are not going to solve the problem. as i am sure you are figuring out

so, what to do? i actually don't know how much to say. if you find yourself dismissing what i am saying, or if i am not saying it well, we cannot communicate. if there is something more to be said, feel free to connect with me. maybe we can discover something together

thank you for your time and for your efforts

enjoy, gregory lent