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"I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God."

Personally I am skeptical of this quote. It was never recorded, only one person was alleged to have heard it and H.W. Bush says he doesn't remember saying it.

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I personally have found the opposite. I have become much more liberal with age. For me, personally, it has to do with having seen more of the world and more of the injustices that are out there. I also can remember before Reagenomics and what devastation it has lied to the middle class, whilst the upper, upper crust get richer and richer and hoard their cash like Scrooge McDuck sitting on a pile of gold.

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I kind of thought you were trying to stay above it all more than be neutral. Trying to keep completely analytical on the subject, which is good.

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Sounds to me like she is on the first step on the road to atheism or at least deism. I know a little more than 20 years ago I sound just like that. I couldn't stand the Catholic church and all of the other denominations seemed as corrupt to me as well. I started just labeling myself as Christian. It didn't take long for me to lose the Christian part and was just a believer\deist and then 5 or so years after that agnostic, then I realized that agnostic and atheist weren't exclusive and bam, atheist.

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I think another big problem is that atheist are viewed in such a negative light. I think the more of us that come out help change that and I think that over time that will go a long way in getting people to acknowledge their atheism.
It reminds of the bit in Julia Sweeney's letting go of God, when she tells her mother that she doesn't believe in God anymore and her mother says "Well, I guess that is better than being one of those atheist".

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Ignorance is a by product of laziness.

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I have a FSM on my car and none of the Christians know what it means until I tell them, so yeah, the FSM is a little bit of Atheistspeak.

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The religious keep pumping em' out and we keep De-converting them.

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Character of course matters, it is why I can no longer listen to Ted Nugent's music without cringing.

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About the only "celebrity" atheist I know that talks about it a lot and on their own show is Bill Maher.