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i started around the end of season 1, at the start i was avoiding pony stuff because it was "girly", but as the fandom grew, ponies were popping up more and more on site that i visited. At some point i got curious and finaly watched the first episode, if it wasn't for Pinkie or Fluttershy i don't think i would have keeped watching it and before i knew it i watched the whole season and enjoyed it.

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and then sweetie belle was an alicorn

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i want a luna deck so bad, but i have no brony friends and im also too shy to buy pony stuff

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the box contain the seed of the mega tree of harmony which gives the following elements: the element of music, of wubs, of human, of voice, of time and of course the element of muffin being the main one and then the show follow the adventure of Octavia, Vinyl, Lyra, Bon bon, The Doctor and Derpy

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Wait, let's put the bat ponies on the side a sec. LUNA'S PALACE?

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i guess we all know who won E3 this year

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i plan on checking it out if it comes out on youtube, i think it deserves a change just like i did when i first watched mlp fim

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they promised an octavia/rarity duet last season, maybe we will finaly get it

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if evrypony become humans in this spin-off, wouldnt it be hilarious if lyra was still a unicorn

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what if twilight replaces her cutie mark with celestia's or luna's and her destiny become being a princess?