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Been thinking about the first half of that Margaret Atwood line--"men are afraid women will laugh at them"--I think that's what's been so powerful for me about the Toast and Mallory's work in particular. How sometimes it's okay and actually even the best strategy to look at all the garbage men put into the world, take a deep breath, and laugh at it. Thank you Mallory and The Toast for showing me how powerful that can be.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. The Toast has been an integral part of my (ongoing!) transformation into a person who doesn't give very many fucks what men think, and isn't afraid to say it. My life is obviously much better for it. Also, thank you for making me almost pee my pants laughing so many times. <3

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All of "69 Love Songs," and the breakups episode of This American Life--there's a whole segment about writing the perfect breakup song.

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Fingers crossed for Remain from across the pond. As others have said above, the parallels between what Leave and Trump are tapping into pretty much draw themselves. I don't think Trump will win and I very much hope you'll Remain, but I get most scared to think about how much these xenophobic and racist sentiments gain strength and legitimacy through campaigns like these, even if they ultimately fail.

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Ok I missed the Barack and Hillary one when it was published and now I'm crying ??!?!!

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I think my particular gentleman friend is more inclined to watch such things than he may have expected--he enjoys witty dialogue as much as the next English major. (We also watched the entire BBC P&P together in a matter of two or three days--I've seen it a billion times but he was the one pressing "next epsidode"!) I was actually the one swooning over how gorgeous Kate Beckinsale looks in CCF, not him!

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My bf LOVES Kate Beckinsale, which is how I got him to watch Cold Comfort Farm and Love & Friendship with me this year, both of which are an absolute delight.

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I loved "A Spy Among Friends" so. freakin'. much.

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Yeah, my bf and I are moving in together soon and this is our plan. We'll keep our current bank accounts and open a new one for rent, groceries, bills, cat stuff, and other shared expenses, adjusting how much we each put into it proportionally depending on our incomes. I like the idea of moving the leftovers into a joint savings account! Hadn't thought of that, def gonna suggest to him.