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Wanna bet Harry Reid's suits, ties and for sure shoes are not made in America? Hypocrite........

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A good cause? What right? The right to riot in the streets? We pay our police officers to protect our lives and property. Where in the Constitution does it give people the right to RIOT, to damage private property etc....And to spit on LEO's, interfere with them in the lawful execution of their duty?

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I gladly volunteeer as a witness if a shortage occurs. We fiddle around way too long with those who take the lives of others. They didn't care about the civil rights of THEIR victims. The only right I care about is a speedy trial and one appeal and a rapid execution when applicable.

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Political BS, A person who intends to commit a crime could care less about any law the city, state or Feds have on the books. HE or SHE is a CRIMINAL, Criminals don't care about Laws. The only people who care about laws are those who DONT COMMIT CRIMINAL ACTS........Sheesh. This is just another step towards attempting to ban the possession of firearms of any kind from law abiding citizens It is always the goal of any government that thinks IT is more important than the citizens. McGinn is a socialist, as you have all I hope found out by now, He thinks the government, in his case the city, can tell you where to live, where to drive, what u can drive, and he does most of by spending the taxpayers funds. 'sigh!

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In this state, you would have been arrested and charged with at best manslaughter if he was not armed. I didn't say that was right, I just note that Washington is one of the more tolerant states of sex offenders, rapists etc. I suspect that you may be right and a jury wouldn't convict, but the cost in lawyers fees and lost wages while you are in jail and court would be an awful lot. So, in this state, unless you can find a handy hunting knife not traceable to you to place in his cold dead hands, I think maybe I would do what Dad did and just hold him. (not that I wouldnt want to empty the magazine into his sorry ass)

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I think I said (This state). There are far too many 'explanations' and 'excuses' posted. I just replied to yours cuz it was the longest. There is NO reasonable explanation for this behavior other than an alcoholic so far gone he has absolutely no sense of responsibility. The fact that YOU took this personally I guess is maybe my fault.

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Something about this state that brings out the excuse makers. I dont care WHAT his intent was, he entered somone elses home, at night, when they were asleep. Quit making excuses or finding reasons. Police said second time and he was well known for drinking himself into insensibility. He needs to be jailed, detoxed and when released again, if he goes back to drinking, commits ONE offense anywhere near this, back to Jail for a much much longer time. We (Well not ME, YOU) excuse too much by people under the influence. !!!

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Don't care what his intent was. He entered somone's home, at night, when they were asleep. That in itself puts him on the list to be shot. Lucky for him, Dad understands that in this friggin lefty state, if he had shot him he probably would have been arrrested and charged with manslaughter.

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Doesn't friggin matter. No ONE should enter another person's home, day or night, without express permission. Just because maybe they couldn't afford to replace what appears to be a pretty not so high tech door, doesn't give any one the right to enter, at night, drunk, and get in bed with a kid. Hell, doesn't give him permission to even Touch the door!

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The only people who lose in this are the overpaid, overbenefited, unionized government employees and most of them will find a job with one of the outlets albeit at a wage scale more in line with that most retail clerks enjoy. Let's face it, one of the main reasons most state governments (and to some degree the Fed) are so deeply in debt are the huge costs of providing promised benefits gained by bullying governments into passing said benefits by either extortion or support in each election and of course the big beneficiaries of that support is the corrupt Democrat/Socialists who currently run this state.