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I haven't told her how I feel. Everytime when I got her out of my mind I meet her again and I remember these feelings. But last week I realized that she is very cute but not the type of girl I want. I saw that she broke up with her boyfriend two times and one week later they got together again. She is a very moodily person. From one minute to another she hates you and 60 seconds later she smiles again. Maybe, she said, she wants to move to another town about 50 miles from here. Thats far enough to forget her completely. Thanks for the nice compliment. ;-) Maybe I meet someone, someday. I have enough time to wait :-)

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The whole day? The whole week! ^_^

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I want to work more than 4.5 hours on three days per week. And i want to get more money. It's a hard life with 400 Euro per month. Today i felt much better than yesterday! :)

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klingt irgendwie eher wie ein zitat aus dem system der arbeitsagentur :-))