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Been there done that. My favs are: CAP AND TRAITOR, The Inmates are running the asylum, You keep the change- Leave my money alone ,,,and my best: TSARS + TAXES + TYRANTS = TREASON.

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I know every congressinal district member and my 2 senators. I know there phone numbers and there addresses. I have there E-mail adressess and it does nothing. Do you really beliive that an E mail to these people(by the way there not people--I have a few choice words for these pric@@s will really affect them.. Hey You Wake up . Its all filterd. I worked there and I will tell you that what they dont want to here they wont!!!! Yes lets all fllod the E mail adrdeses. Did you ever do it yourself for a MAJOR bill that you didnt agree with? E mail is deleted on masse. You should get serious and go to DC with a million of us and shout your cause.your phone calls and your pathetic late night E mails are seen by volunteer wanna bes. Have a nice life. You are screwed. Un American- I think not. Call me with the idiots you voted for and we will have a serious conversation.God bless you stranger. I AM on your side(believe it or not)

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Whats the problem? I think its money well worth the investment. These low lifes are spitting in your face. Hey Nancy ( that shriveled low life bottom feeder) Pelosi just exposed her self as some one who couldnt give a crap about her constituents. If a Congressional member only spent in the 100 thousands(as compared to the TRILLIONS that they spend on our dime) for a trip to make nice nice I say its a great deal. Until I look at my monthly bills due. Like Mortage, Insurance< Credit, gas, electric,auto, travel ,and you get it. Hey I will take the low numbere in your note. 102,0000. Whould that help you and your beautiful family?Ya it would really help me and mine. Can you imagine if the Billions that they tax you for whould end up as 20 or 30 or 40 or /// ended in your pocket. God thats a bill paid.Hey my bottom line is this. We need to vote ALL the low lifes out as soon as there up for election. Be active. Go to there town hall meetings and scream. God bless you and yours . I hope everything gonna be alright

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Thank You. How may I simply state this, VOTE these maggot bottom feeding, only intrested in there class of life status, blood sucking losers out of there comfortable, carpet baggin, hireing mouth peices in the media, consulting(on my dime), pro active(for there cause) lobbyists who will and surely are killing the greatest nation that ever survied 200 years. I am a very angry American patriot and Im really pissed. God bless you and yours and keep the faith.

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I love your train of thought. I have been a fan of flooding that God Damm capitol site with us for years. The DC leaning media will not report a thing that dosent help there pathetic loseing cause. I have said it time and time again. You want the mass media to report on the true Americans feelings well then just GO. Flood that ridiculous city with real, God loveing, American flag worshipping patriots who actually give a crap about our FATE. We will lose if we do not march upon the halls of the hallowed congress officials that I surely do not want to represent me. And I mean this in the most sincere words. Just like the Tea parties showed us we are presently non violent with 0 arrests. We Are AMERICA and its time to shout out our displeasure and VOTE all these low life maggot bottom feeding losers out of there chushy goverment paid (tax paid !!!) jobs into our job market where none of there resumes would land a job. Sir theres one thing I hold true and faithful. We as American citizens own our public officials and OWN this great careing nations future. The time SIR is now. OR NEVER. Peace to you and yours.

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How about corn subsidies. Do you know any one with a corn burning GM truck. They made us corn people filled with high fructose corn syrup to make us stupid and diabetic yet they wont grow real food. That will all cxhange now that they own GM. You can stop and put an ear or two in your tank and one up your ars and smile while we all fall for this crapolla. Stimulus = votes. Votes keep these maggot bottom feeders in business. Business as usual = death to the America I was born in.

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Amazing. I have been saying on this and many sites that we as a great, proud nation of hard working, commpasionate and charitable people need a place where we can be in control and live the American dream. I want to move tp Idaho or Wyoming or the Dakotas and tell DC piss off once and for all. Its sad that a rural Idaho community who does more good then bad is an outcast in the world of Obama and his pathetic cronies. Sink money into holes and pay illegial aliens more then born Americans make. Then tax the crap out of you to support them. Got A Revolution. Oh ya. Ill be in Idaho in a few years with my prayer and my gun. Lets rock. God bless and keep the faith

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The classic politico response> Oh my Its what Im left with. Its been what Im dealt with. How about a leader of men and a nation who says get up of your butts and say we will stand strong. Noooo. This election cycle is still fighting and biteing and screaming about BUSH/Cheny. God who have they elected. No people> you dont understand how bad Bushman was. It will take us decades to corerect this problem. Picture this my friend. In ten years the greatest country that ever existed on this God blessed planets history will be the reason for its demise. All because we as a rigteous, careing, compassionate yet strong in heart and principled people have laid down as sheep to be slaughtered. We are all to PC and we MUST stop not speaking what we really think and feel .Oh yes. In public when your asked a question and your gov't training over the last 10 yrs kicks in. Resist it and shout it out. Im not gonna take this BS and Ive had enough. Amen

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Scary! A final fight for existence perked my interest. I trully hope and still pray that fighting wont be the answer...BUT. I see no hope for the general naive, illetirate, uneducated masses but to celebrate this holier then thou hero called Osama bin Jesus that they all seem to grovel blindlessly before. Barack has the gift of gab and a million dollar smile and thats it. (I should say a trillion dollar smile since millions and billions no longer mean anything). These voters are the ones who dont mind breaking a window of a store owner as they march against the opressive mainstream Americans they so dearly hate. A fight for the little guy againsat the oppressive rulers. But the guys window they broke is a small time tax payeing business owner with 5 employees who pays taxes. And he has no where to go> The xtreme lefts mantra. Do as I say and not as I do but if you complain we will crucify you. God bless whats LEFT of America.

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Yes it will create millons of jobs. Millions of public payroll service employees who will stop at nothing to vote for Osama Obama Urmama and there pereniall gravy train of tax paid perks. Let the free market prevail and breath. Ya theres always the bad apple in the bunch that screws it up but its the way of life. I want it you make it and im willing to buy it. As compared to I the goverment will own it and force you to buy it and screw you into subsidizing it. And you will smile as I bend you over and stick it to you. People quote Madoff and Enron and all sorts of bad things but how about the other million responsible companies that pay fair wages and keep this ecomony chugging along. Sure its not pure or perfect but damm Id rather make a liveable wage and support my community and neighbors by working hard with out the evil vile hand of DC telling me to do what they feel is best for me. Screw them. Lets rock.. Ive had enough