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This is clearly something we don't need. The governor is trying to do anything he can to avoid a legacy that is rife with failure. He is just one more in a long line of self absorbed, corrupt, cowardly individuals that dominate our state government.

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How about this: No extracurricular activity should funded with taxpayer money and no activity should be forced to pay their advisor, coach, etc. Competitive sports teams represent a small minority of the student body. Why should they get a free ride while kids involved in community sports (which accept just about every applicant) need to pay a fee? There is no debate as to the benefits of competitive sporting events for youngsters, but there is certainly no virtue in pouring millions into scholastic sports that benefit only a relative few.

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Great point. We need to get all all extra-curricular activities out of collective bargaining agreements. They don't belong there. Districts should solicit volunteers much the way as community sports events i.e. little league.

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While there are certainly downside risks to municipal consolidation, it can be dramatically more effecient than our current system. Consolidation within counties makes sense. Separate government entities for every township, hamlet, village,etc. is a gross waste of public funds. The trick, of course, is to keep out the statist, tax sucking parasites that currently dominate state politics.

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Given the fiscal mess that is our state, we are going to see dramatically reduced state funding, draconian tax increases or some combination of the two for the foreseeable future. It's time to go after the education associations for significant concessions. School districts should make it a simple choice for their teachers - concessions or layoffs.

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The jobs are gone and they won't be back for a very long time. Time to wise up people. The free ride is over. Government is organized crime. Vote them all out or they will continue to explioit you.

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Here's a change we can all use: Shut it down. It's been a vacation fund for the pigs on the board for years. Enough already.

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It's organized crime. Simple as that. It's time to stop pretending we have representative government. We don't. It's all about the political class and the accumulation of money and power. In politics just like most of life, money and power are interchangeable commodities. Most of the voting public has yet to grasp the degree to which criminal activity dominates politics at every level. We are currently in the early stages of the information age. My hope is that the proper information, in the hands of decent, honorable people will begin to turn the tide. Let's hope. In the mean time, if you want real change, quit voting for incumbents and other party automatons.

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Just one more reason to NEVER vote for an incumbent.

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Poor Ben. He's just misunderstood, that's all ;-)