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I'm still reeling from this. This just...changes my whole world view. This is just the weirdest. I feel like this is even weirder and more specific than the time Harrison Ford walked into my Anty Pat's cafe in Driggs, ID (possibly had about 500 people living there in the 90s, when the incident occurred). I mean, you *expect* celebrities to need coffee and snacks just like anyone else, and she already knew he had a large ranch in the Grand Tetons, which for those that don't know, you could spit from one of their peaks and it'd land on my aunt's cafe, so). Like that was semi-expected, and yet!!
But this!!!
Never have I met a more specialized interest site, none with more niche cult appeal (well alright, the museum of endangered sounds*) AND YET here, apparently one 'o th' lurkers, A CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and long-time national politician!!!
I mean.
There's NOTHING comparable.
Clearly anything is possible - anything at all.
This is like those twists at the end of The Twilight Zone. I fully expect to hear "duh DUH duhduhduh duh duhn!" and for Rod Serling to step out from behind my desk and go "and now, a word from our sponsors"
/cut to cigarette add
i'm just still REELING from this twist! It shifts paradigms! It's a game-changer!
i just can't
too witches

* http://www.electronicbeats.net/feed/museum-endage...

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UGH. I HATED the 2000s, almost everything about them, but ESP the fashion and makeup! Thank you for reminding me. Combine that with Bush, and it was an awful time to be alive, and an awful time to grow up in. Idk. Maybe the awfullness of it all is what really shaped my generation's socio-political awareness and desire for MATTE makeup with natural eyes, thick brows, and weird-colored, poppin lips. I still don't wear makeup, but I actually like the makeup people wear these days.

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i love you, i love you all
Thank you so much, Mallory!
Thank you, everyone!


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Heheheh! It's a problem in all fanworks, to be sure
They really never did Bertha justice, they really didn't
she was too witches for all of them

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OH RIGHT you are so right
how could I have forgotten!!
Gotta go back and reread, apparently.
But not now. Bout to go see Finding Dory, and don't wanna spoil the mood with creepypasta

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Well but I was talking in-universe. Referencin' a certain imprisoned wife who sets fire to a certain house in Jane Eyre, and also the trope within literature of that era all the way back to before Chaucer of mad-women-in-attics being misandrists

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Ah! True! True.
Or just set fire to his house, since I'd be more the mad-lady-in-the-tower-type, if I'm being honest with myself and I hope I am.
Just too witches
I feel like I'd really like to be the quitly salty, low-key shade-throwing witty Eliza Bennet type in a Regency novel, but really I'm not super sure that's true. But then is the setting fire to men b/c they locked you in a tower thing more of a fantasy than reality? #important questions

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Weeeell, yes, true. I've actually had that happen to me in person, as well. The trick is to start crying, publicly. Then they apologize. Then you tell the school counselor, who gets the guy into trouble. But in the Regency you couldn't tell anybody a man had blue balls for you or they'd blame you for being a hussy. That wouldna been so bad though, maybe, cuz you could be a spinster living alone with your cats and books and tea in a house provided by the parents of the man who tarnished you?

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Oh! My heart!~ ( ; _ ;)

still screaming over the Trump one tho
screaming 4ever