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The far left are leeches trying to get money. The Nation is a joke and all the people who support and are the far left should move to Cuba. America was formed with godly principals not mans demands.

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When evil ideas function as a cause it engulfs the innocents hearts who then in turn squash them out. We the real Americans will make the 180 change that has been happening.

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Nothing new under the sun a lie told often enough is believed. I'm sure she has a book of Mao rules as well.

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I'm sure Al has is very own Ken Barbie doll made after his image with diverse slogan hand picket signs that sits on his desk to remind him that a self image can be made. Because the "I" has been taken by Obama.

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When they write the bills it should be in plain English not cryptic garbage. And they need a template that a bill should not go pass 25 pages. Keep it simple, plain and true. Yes, I'm asking to much till people elect the ones that will do it;-)

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I remember when one of their ideas have been exposed on the campaign trail and was called(unliberal media) on it they "change" the website mantra a bit. As God Almighty says, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."

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At the "end" the realism will be known how careless the far left truly is.

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Obama's admin is to foolish to let these people in at these posts. Thinking the America would not care by "their" standard is an understatement. 2010 the czars will have to be tested and kicked out.

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Why do I have a feeling these are out of work union folks that got a one day job of playing Halloween early. I told my doctor I love my care and she said "Your smart." 8-D

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So this White House crew really loves their Ron L. Hubbard type of propaganda.