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Just to say it.... Soul men isn't as bad as most people think. It is worth a rental.

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AGREED!!! I mean I'm not paid, I give my opinion away for free, mainly because I don't value my thoughts that highly I guess. However, I must say the biggest lesson to be learnt is that all you guys are lucky SOBs for (A) having a job; and (B) one you also love doing; and anyone who has that should never forget that.

Also RE: Alex Billington vs. Devin Faraci video, I personally found it hilarious in the same way I found the recent Cristian Bale mp3 hilairous but I took neither that seriously. I guess it was partly that I understand that these are just two guys who disagree and who hasn't been in one of these disagreements or had someone you know in some capacity who just doesn't like you. The only reason this disagreement got way too out of hand was the fact that alcohol was thrown into the mix.

PS. I love Firstshowing and have yet to read Chud. and I hope to be at Sundance next year if I can get accepted as PRESS and muster the cash.

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my thoughts??? Where's Bruce Campbell in all of this?

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but then movies like Transformers would win for being in the wide release department and I would never watch another awards show if something like that happened

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I knew it would happen... now only me being curious [since as long as I get to see the movie it don't really matter] but I wonder what kind of deal Fox got.?? almost sure it's some form of a percentage of the gross

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looks like the viral campaign of 2009 to talk about has begun... what it is for I haven't the slightest

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this movie made me smile so much... I need to find what else this guy has done, I loved Dear Zachary.... I can't wait to see more from him

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OK... so video game made for a movie...

now this is definitely a stretch, and for sure outside of the American bounds of filmmaking... but how about the videogame that I spend the most time enjoying my afternoon study breaks with... Pro Evolution Soccer [will not keep the same name].

Now I already know about the horrible movie that is Goal, I have also seen the sequel, and probably will part 3 that they promised at the end of it [havent bothered to see if ti has actually been made yet] but I believe this can be done well.

A movie, about a young and upcoming business man who decides that in the small town of Oxford they should have their own club football team. He makes a budget and spends the first act getting together what is needed for this team, the coaches,manager,players,equipment,and stadium.

The manager will be an old washed up manager who feels that he can do it again, maybe we can cast someone like Alan Ford, and after gaining the interest of the town, people start being scouted and picked up, either due to their inexperience or lack of so called talent, or on their last legs as players/coaches.

Players could be played by actors like, Toby Kebbell [Johnny Quid from RockNRolla] for the holding midfileder tough man role that plays the capt. of the squad, Jason Flemyng [Tom from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells] for the rough around the edges aged goalkeeper, and the rest of the team made up of real footballers. Another great addition to the cast would be having things like Mark Strong [Hani in Body of Lies] play a coach, and possibly for the second act have a cameo appearance by actors like Orlando Bloom as an agent for a player that the team is trying to acquire [kind of like Matthey McConaughey was in Tropic Thunder, just not as slapsticky]

The team is entered into the lowest division league of English Football and immediately find themselves topping the table with ease, due to the great staff that he has been able to employ to do the job, as they push up the league over the years the team gains some better quality stars [not Ronaldo's, but maybe a Robbie Fowler style player] and we come back to our team for the second act when they have reached the 5th division of English football [if you didn't know they are a total of 9 right now] Here we see a revamping of the squad and new players making some tough competition for the players that we have fallen in love with at the club and on the screen.

I think there is potentail for a film like this, now I don't want it to end like every other sports film does with the team lifting the cup and being crowned the best of England ten years later in the EPL, but at the same time, I'm thinking maybe ending with them reaching the Leagu Division Three [the fourth division of english football] and showing what one can do with hard work and a great team that plays together rather than a billionaire's fantasy team [like that of Real Madrid in Spain, or Chelsea in England]. I know this a long comment and a bit of a rough idea, but still worth looking at. With writer/director Martin McDonaugh [In Bruges] attached it will definitely get some buzz.

This comment was way too long but whatever.

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this looks awesome, and reminds me that I need to get teh dvds for the movies now

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@curtis Footsoldier sucked... it didnt do anything for me...

@Mr. Miller glad to see someone else singing the praises of this movie, I discovered it a couple of years ago and instantly fell in love with it, yes it a bit ridiculous, but honestly it was true at at in the world of English Football... during the 80s I think all english clubs were banned from playing in European tournaments because of the "rowdiness" of their fans. The only thing I wish they would change, is to take the American injection in the story... I think it is interesting enough as an all British tale rather than the American experiencing the Anglo-sports and fandom.