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Well this is a bit un-American I might add. Because someone is in need of assistance is no reason to revoke their rights. But the system needs to be revised to promoting one to get off assistance unlike the current system that encourages to stay on it. But I believe these programs should be built and supported by the states and local governments. I'd like to see the federal government uninvolved in these programs. Let the people audit it's performance and successs, and choose to support only what works...maybe charity style programs rather then government run.

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Just a followup on the Governor's reaction to Wagoners "Sacrifice" I just realized... These companies are on Welfare! Granholm tanked the state of Michigan...and all she did was blame Bush.

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I think Huckabee would be a great candidate again. He is getting the exposure he needs right now that he didn't have in the last campaign. He is for the fair and flat tax and a strog conservative. People also struggled with him because he is a strong evangelical. But he seems level headed and very articulate at conveying his ideas and intentions. He also has a strong moral charicter and loves this nation.

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A suggestion. It might be beneficial to unite state by state. I am asking the makers of this website to consider putting up a state by state forum to help us develop groups that will not only assist in addressing our local governments, but the national ones through our representatives. If we are as large as a force as I think we are, and are united by our principles and values....and demand that our elected officials be as well, then we need to unite by state and lead the charge of electing man and woman who share OUR concerns and promote them while moving out those who have violated their authority and have not been responsible with the positions they have held.

Put up a state by state forum that we can use to connect, put ideas together, establish goals, and work efficiently and effectively to produce the results that we are desiring. There are so many gifted people with so much to contribute. We just need to get together and do some practical brainstorming in our area of influence.

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There is a great website to track Congressman, Senetors, Bills, Comittees, and floor debates. This website is well formated and easy to use. You can even RSS feed the bills and/or the individuals to see what they are doing and how they are voting on issues. I feel connected to whats going on through this website, and can determin who and what I support based on it. Give it a wirl!

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We can be heard! As one voice. Alone we are a quiet one person, but together we are loud entity. Stay tuned. We are just getting the idea that we are not alone, and that we can make a difference TOGETHER if we unite. This movement begins one step at a time. Right now, we are just finding eachother....if we then learn to move as a group, we WILL be heard!

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Just because one is acting in public service does not mean they have to check the exercise of their religion at the door. The separation of church and state is defined as the state (as an entity) should not endorse a particular religion, and the church (as an entity) should not use the states power to endorse its particular practice on the public. But the Constitution guarantees each INDIVIDUAL the free expression of his/her religion, whether in public office or not. The public officer is, however, forbidden to use their power and position to force everyone to follow their particular flavor of religion, but is free to express their faith in any occasion whether someone agrees with it or not.

Now is it wise all the time to do so? Maybe not. Even the Apostle Paul said:

1 Corinthians 8:9 (New King James Version)
But beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak.

This should not be a matter of law, but a matter of wisdom.

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Also, we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves over where we individually divide. There has been a lot of discussion on Principle #2 and disagreement about whether it should be a part of this movement. If we all focus on what we don't agree with, we will fail to unite on the principles we do agree on. A divided house cannot stand. Lets find our common ground....stand...and fight on those principles. This is the foundation of our revolutionary movement. This was the spirit of the American Revolution. Survival depended on being able to unite on some basic purposes and principles. OUR survival depends on it as well!

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Many States are already moving forward to get the Federal Gov to get off their rights. The State IS supposed to have more power then the FEDS. Here is our legislation in AZ.

If you want to know if your state has such legislation, here is the article that posts links to the states websites to view the bills. We should follow up on the interpretation and follow through of these bills which are asserting 9th and 10th amendments of the Constitution.