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mmm...Krispy Kreme...

A few weeks ago I posted a question here about getting a dog/dog advice, and I wanted to thank everyone who responded again, it gave me a lot to think about. I decided not to get a dog for at least a few months until my housing situation becomes more settled, or at least somehow clearer. (I really want to move somewhere more permanent but have no idea when that will actually happen.)

In the meantime I signed up to be a volunteer dog-walker at a local no-kill shelter starting next month, so I hope that'll get me some dog-time and also help out a good place. And I just found out I get to dogsit again for a couple weeks in February! DOGS.

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Thank you both, I'd never heard of this and will check it out.

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Puppies! I knew my childhood dog was the pup for us when he was the one out of the litter to run right over to us at the humane society.

I'm lucky in that my apartment is the only one in the building and the rest of the units are commercial space, and due to the weird layout any noise we create isn't really a problem. However, we do live right next to both a massive highway (ugh) and a fire station which are both unpredictably noisy at all hours, and I imagine that a dog could really be bothered by it. Or maybe they'll just grow to tune it out like we do now? The constant noise and lack of yard mean that I'm plotting how soon we can move somewhere else, which right now is looking like next spring at the earliest. Having waited 10 years to get a dog, I don't know why it's driving me a little nuts to wait 6 more months!

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Aw, look at his face! What a cute little guy. Separation anxiety is something I'd be concerned about since I travel for work pretty regularly. It's reassuring to hear that though it took awhile it did get better. My trips are usually for 2-3 days at a time every 2 months, and I live with my boyfriend (who generally works from home) so it would be doable, but it makes me think I'd have occasion to rely on dog sitters or kennels if we both happened to be away at the same time.

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Hello Toastrons, please tell me your dog adoption stories!

I love dogs and my family always had dogs when I was growing up, but I've never been in a position in my adult life to have a pet, until recently. I've been holding off on getting a dog since I live in an apartment without outside space, though my landlord would be fine with pets. I have actively wanted a dog for the past 10 years and at this point I wonder if I'm just making excuses or afraid of responsibility or something...

Anyhow I want to talk about this with someone besides my boyfriend (to whom I often send adorable dog photos from the local shelter). Please tell me about when you decided to bring home a dog! Did anything work out differently about it than you'd thought? If you have a dog in an apartment, how much do you wish you had a yard?


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Anytime I watch anything dramatic on TV with my mom, as soon as the dialogue begins, rather than watching/waiting for the plot to unfold she'll start asking questions about the characters' motivations: "What's his deal?" "Why is she doing that?" "Where's he going?" and then soon after come the questions like "What did he say when I asked where he's going?"

Also whenever we're watching Mad Men and Don Draper (or any other male character) does something shady: "Oh, well he's just a jerk!!"

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"Girl I'm just a teamster for your lo-o-o-ove..."

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Ditto! I love The Blue Castle. I usually read it straight through in one sitting.

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Congrats on your future science cape!
In my field we got humanities clogs.