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Rest in Peace, Andrew.

What shocking news to wake up to!

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I resent you snobbish elitist SOB's looking down at me because I call 7th grade my senior year. Yes, I call home my 1962 Winnebago firmly standing on 3 flat rims and three concrete blocks but so what? Sure, I am never had front teeth since I was raised on Mountain Dew 1-litre bottles and never drank water until I was 15. People say I can't marry my cousin Ruby Dee because it aint normal. But hey, my dad married her cousin, my mom. My uncle married his step sister and my older brother, Billy Bob Robert has just married our second cousin Ann Marie Mary. So hey, its pretty normal!

So Obama should take his snobbery and shove. And when I go to collect my state support check this Friday, I'll be sure to tell them government leeches to stay off my money and not tread on me!

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Really? Because I don't see any of these guys keeping this election close. I bet you Obama wins at least 38 states including OH, PA, WI, FL,NM and yes VA and NC again.

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What a bunch of second rate candidates. They sound like they ought to be city council candidates in Waco, Texas or Topeka, Kansas. jessh. Pretty sad GOP.

I'll be voting again for the socialist, Kenyan-born, empty-suit, dithering, most dangerous president ever, Moslem, black racist, big government, tripling-the-debt, SOB in the white house. Keep throwing on the expletives you want. They are just kicks of a dying donkey.

And that sums it it what I feel about the GOP presidential contenders.

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From the land of Rick Perry and George Bush.

"If it twangs, vote for it!"

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Newt would be the most morally bankrupt president ever! And that is saying a lot. His wife,a cheating airhead as the first lady (..sorry I had to clean off vomit from my keyboard) would be the absolute worst.

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She is a GOP King maker?!!!!


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In all honesty, has anyone seen Breitbart recently? He was last seen appearing disheveled, even more unkempt than his usual self , reeking cognac, murmuring and yelling gibberish to a bunch of late teens rubble browsers outside the CPAC convention hotel over the weekend. He was seen been whisked away by presumably some handlers (or burly boyfriends, I am not judging!). Hope he awoke later and remembered who was at least.

This is the "Hangover" featuring Breitbart again. Enough with the sequels already!

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Anyone seen Breitbart recently? I understand he had a tough weekend. Yelling, drunk, disorientated and all! I hope they caught the guy that slipped the mickey in his drink.
A concerned friend.

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Just as I thought..still an irrelevant airhead