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A Muslim fighting for Jews from the essence of his Islamic beliefs. Salaam. Shalom.

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Perhaps you could have read the article, and not just the headline, before disparaging your fellow.

Approximately 1/2 of people asked don't have an opinion at this point -- at least they were honest enough to state that they haven't read the framework or have no idea what the framework conditions mean. In honest statistics, you have to state that only approximately 1/3 of people queried favor the measure -- hardly representative of 'support'.

Then again, maybe those 64% in opposition or undecided read the actual State Department online statement including: "Important implementation details are still subject to negotiation, and nothing is agreed until everything is agreed." In other words, at this time, there actually is no 'deal' -- there is a framework to try to create a deal in the next 3 months (with the Iranians already stipulating what they will not permit relative to compliance verification.)

So, this is a step in the right direction, but let's hold off claiming victory or disparaging our fellow posters until we actually have something substanative to comment on.

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Ahhhhh, so you're the one who finally, correctly predicts the demise of Judaism. You're in infamous company. Tell you what, when we're sitting down to celebrate the approximate 3500-year anniversary of 'Enlightenment', let's talk again.

BTW - you are aware that the 'Enlightenment' is actually blamed for hyper-rationalism and extremism, as in, with the right intellectual 'story', anything can be rationalized -- like Nazism and the most brutal forms of Communism? And from a religious perspective, 'Enlightenment' primarily targeted the Catholic church; though Jews were involved and actually led many philosophies, this was in no way the first time that they did so in major epicenters in Europe. The lessons of Bar Kokhba have been debated for the past 1.5 millenia, so we're not quite sure why you think this is 'new thinking', unless you feel that way because you just now thought it.

For someone who talks about 'science' you seem to understand very little of it -- you cannot compare one research study with another one -- that's a major scientific faux pas because different designs, methods, evaluative techniques are not comparable retrospectively -- every PhD knows this, even 'non-religious' ones. And Israel, when discussing religious belief is what we refer to in science as 'selection bias' -- Israel is the 'Holy Land', of course people that emigrate there are more religious by self selection. Everyone who really cares about science knows this. And it doesn't change Israel's world leadership in the sciences -- IT, medicine, environmental technology, etc. The number one per capita entrepreneurial county in the world.

So, you cobbling together disparate facts and figures to try to create some 'reality', is just that -- cobbling -- and not real science of any validity.

But of course, my thoughts and yours are completely moot -- because Jon Stewart is a SATIRIST, as well as a Jew -- that means that what he does is make satire, particularly of things "Jewish" - HE'S JUST KIDDING. Everyone knows that giving into our base desire, we would all love to sit around eating chocolate rabbits all day, but that's not truly fulfilling in anyway. Participating in a multigenerational Seder, educating our young, applying lessons learned about the Exodus freedom story to today's injustices, refraining from chamaitz and eating matzah to 'flatten our egos' -- now, that's a good start. Not as easy as chocolate bunnies, but still, a good start.

Zissen Pesach to all!

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Their are 2 supposed factual quotes in this piece on which the author's entire premise is based (the rest is pure conjecture and 'guessing' of the motivations of countries infamous for their clandestine intentions).

This quote was never said by Netanyahu: "Baghdad, he said, was hiding mobile centrifuges 'the size of washing machines.'" What Netanyahu did say was: "If and once Saddam has nuclear weapons, the terror network will have nuclear weapons... He [Saddam] can produce it in centrifuges the sizes of washing machines that can be hidden throughout the country." Netanyahu's quote is actually entirely conditional -- "If", "then" -- and Netanyahu never makes the claim that Saddam has these washing-machine centrifuges. The second quote I've not been able to find in any written transcript of the 9/12/02 speech.

The content of Netanyahu's speech was not a motive (yes, it was a crime) to invade Iraq; oil and war profiteering were, both of which were are directly linked to Bush and Cheney. Netanyahu was not even in power at the time and to blame him for this "mess" without any substantive support is the bias that only hurts your credibility, Mr. Goldberg, not Netanyahu's.

If you don't like Netanyahu than hold him accountable for things that he was actually empowered for, and not the sinking of the Titanic -- that was an ICEberg.

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We see... so in your mind, the anti-semitism against Dutch citizens is again 'OK', because the perpetrators had 'reason' to attack the Jews. All we need to do is wait for the 'reason' to change, and the anti-semitism will remediate itself? (Until the next 'reason', of course.) It then follows, according to your theory, that the victims must have deserved it, for the 'reason', or else why would the 'reason' be the cause, instead of covert anti-semitism using the 'reason' as just an excuse, as it has for millenia? Still making sense to you?

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Really? Citation please? (Remember, you can't use the Hebrew Bible as a reference 'selectively', ie, with the same bias as you do everything else.)

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"An event whose reality is uncertain and, if it happened, it's uncertain how it happened." - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaking on the Shoah

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Great news Lindsay! Less women were attacked last year than 35 years ago on college campuses! Oh yeah, there were more attacked last year than the year before, but still, great news right?! 'Tragically' though, 3 men mistaken for women, 'just happened to be attacked' outside of a women's crisis center. Oh well, still plenty to 'celebrate' because none were killed!?

In other 'great news', cyberbullying is causing a record number of teens untold psychological harm, which has led to violence and death, but this is easily 'explained' and dismissed just because more people use the internet, so we really shouldn't 'kinda' consider it a problem, right?

Now, let's go talk to people of color to cheer about how racism in the US is not as bad as it was 35 years ago and let's see how joyous it makes them.

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An interesting supposition with a fatal flaw - the current conflict IS between Israel and it's Arab neighbors; the Palestinians are the Arab League's proxies and always have been, not the other way around.

I know, this doesn't support the whole 'David and Goliath in reverse' propaganda thing, but if not for the Arab League, everything the Palestinians are demanding today, they would already have had. (That's if you believe their 'withdraw to the '67 boarders' position versus the 'from the river to the sea Palestine will be free' alternate position.

So, how about this as a question from the Arab attendees - Why don't we Arab (and N. African/Persian) nations put all of our energy into creating a unified, democratically elected Palestinian government, with a sincere, pro-peace platform that is sustainable - one wherein the world actually believes the people can govern themselves, instead of undermining them through support of the current fractional system? And, more honestly, is it because a strong, unified 'Palestine' is not actually in our (the Arab word's) best interest at all, because it will be much harder to commandeer the territories when the Israeli's do withdraw?

No one has the Palestinian plight least at heart then their Arab neighbors. They caused this mess, and they perpetuate it with the ongoing carnage and chaos. See Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq (I know, US fault), the Sinai, and the sustained Palestinian war to witness first hand 'neighborly support' in the region.

The question is not what would happen if Israel and the Palestinians made peace -- the question is what would happen if the Arab nations and Palestinian factions actually made peace with each other?

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No you didn't. You didn't tour Europe with kippa in place, identifying yourself as a Jew. So you had the luxury of flying below the radar that other Jewish citizens throughout Europe don't have (Google the youtube video of UK youth storming a shul and screaming antisemitic slurs just yesterday.)

And Yes, these wrongs should be 'righted', and No, just because they're so-called works of art, doesn't give them safe harbor (for example, 'education' about the racist nature of these pieces could be offered at the sites.)

You totally missed the point that antisemitism, without recourse, remediation, and counter education, breeds continued antisemitism. And that is evident throughout Europe today, and everyday, as Ms. Goldman correctly points out.

So, good for you... please continue in your bubble to enjoy the nicecities of Europe, while seemingly unaffected by the dark history that reverberates even today. Blissfully unaware is a comfortable way to go through life. But for G-d's sake, don't criticize Ms. Goldman just because this bothers her conscience and not yours.