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Somehow this site just makes me sad. This is because whoever designed it has some obvious talent and creativity, but seemingly not enough patience to learn how to create an attractive, functional site with more standard, widely applicable methods.

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FYI, you can now close the form without filling it out. With that said those scrolling images that occupy the entire background of the home page are overpowering on a large monitor and detract from the useful content of the page. At very least, I would slow it down to half or 1/3 the present speed, or dump the scrolling altogether (preferred.)

I consider the home page a big fail, which makes the whole site a fail (something nasty at the entrance tends to discourage folks from looking further), but the rest of the site actually seems pretty good.

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Not even considering its technical failings, this site is just plain dreary and unappealing to look at.

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The politicians carry on about dignity of the office and all that, and then either approve of this crap, or don't care enough to check it before it is released to the world? It makes them look more phony than they already are.

As well, suckiness is totally non-partisan - I am reminded of a certain healthcare website that came out a while back; no excuses for that steaming plate of fecal material....

Scrap this piece of junk and try again.

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The concept is a nice one, I suppose, if you are interested in high school sports in Mississippi. The problem is with the design - there isn't any. Content is just tacked up like notices on an overcrowded bulletin board, without much rhyme or reason.

With only a modest investment for advanced hosting features, such as database support (which a site like this one really cries out for), and a couple of clever high school students to do the design and coding, this site could actually be pretty nice, and informative.

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Oh my god; that cheesy navigation via the mouse scroll wheel is about the least intuitive (and therefore rather stupid) method of navigation under the sun.

For the love of all that is holy, please stop trying to be so clever, and create a site that is actually useable!

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I don't think the site is finished; there is no missing link. The other site content that the submitter likely referred to are worthless in their current state, being only pictures of the different Velokraft models (as far as I can tell). If this is all the site was intended to be, then it is the worst executed example of brochureware I have ever seen.

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True that

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Didn't you just recently feature this site?

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I like good Art Cars; we have an Art Car Parade in Houston where you see some really amazing and imaginative work. In a number of ways, art cars are like websites; it doesn't take a huge bankroll to create something really good. All that is required is some genuine imagination and good taste.

The website, like these art cars, is just plain bad. There is a great difference between "creative and different", and just plain tacky. The alleged art cars and the website are both just tacky, and stupid.