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I too zeroed in on this part of Justin's article:

"Now the real objective of our post-9/11 military rampage through the Middle East stands revealed: destroying the secular regimes that kept the Islamists in check."

But I would have made this minor edit:

"Now the real objective of our post-9/11 military rampage through the Middle East stands revealed: destroying the secular regimes that supported the Palestinians and kept the Islamists in check."

Why not make it abundantly clear that these was are not meant to keep the American people safe, they are really meant to enhance Israel's security?

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"And it is objectionable, potentially offensive speech that requires the most vigorous defense. Freedom of speech that excludes disagreeable speech from its protections is no freedom at all.”

As usual, this principle is selectively applied to the opponents of Zionism. If this weren't the case, why did they arrest the French comedian, Mbala Mbala, in France for his jokes about Jews?

Btw - I was surprised Justin didn't mention Geller's connection to the Anders Brevik slaughter of 70 Norwegians. It was her and Robert Spencer's hate-filled propaganda that motivated him to carry out the attack. Also, along with the Foundations Justin mentioned that fund these campaigns, an important one he didn't mention is the Clarion Fund, a Zionist front group that produced a trilogy of films meant to inspire the goy from their slumber and stop the Islamization of their countries by doing what Brevik did.

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“To be efficacious, to achieve the goal of liberty [or peace] as quickly as possible..."

With all due respect to Mr. Rothbard, the goal of peace will never be achieved until and unless the goal of world hegemony is repudiated! If Darwin is right about the dominant evolutionary force being natural selection and it all comes down to the survival of the fittest, is it realistic to expect any U.S. administration to shut down the bases and the defense contractors' mfg plants located in all 50 states, employing a big chunk of the American labour force?

What Justin and others who subscribe to the non-interventionist school of thought must do is demonstrate that if the U.S. decides to turn its swords into plough shares, that China, Russia, or India will not become the next world hegemon ruling it over the world, including the American people, simply by refusing to do the same. In other words, he and others need to demonstrate that world peace is a practical alternative to world hegemony. I haven't yet seen such a convincing case being made!

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"Is there a way out? Yes, but it will take a President with guts..."

What's the projected cost of running in the next election cycle, $2B? Even a President with guts doesn't have that kind of money!

He who pays the piper calls the tune. Right now it appears that Saban and Adelson are the ones who are paying the piper. That explains why the tune has a Zionist ring to it!

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A deal getting done is the worst case scenario for "Big Zion." The lynchpin in their strategy is to change the subject from ending the occupation and finding a lasting peace. If there's a deal, changing the subject will become that much more difficult. That's why this deal will get scuttled... it's only a matter of time!

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"... avoided these nonsensical military interventions that are carried out in behalf of various special interests that control our foreign policy."

In an effort not to damage his son's presidential aspirations, the good doctor is unwilling to call out the Israel Firsters for putting the interests of a foreign country above those of the U.S.

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It is socialist in the sense that the losses are socialized while the profits are still privatized...great gig if you can get in on it!

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Justin writes: "Aiming at nothing less than regime change in Moscow, Washington and its junior partners in the EU have launched a new cold war..."

Justin fails to identify the prime movers behind America's push for regime change in Moscow. It's our favorite neocons (i.e.., Israel Firsters). Why are they pushing for regime change in Moscow? Because Russia is an ally of Syria and Iran, both staunch supporters of Hezbollah, Israel's arch enemy.

Here's how NED President Carl Gershman put it in an opinion piece for the Washington Post:
"Russians, too, face a choice, and Putin may find himself on the losing end not just in the near abroad but within Russia itself."

Other neocons threaten to carry Putin out of the Kremlin “feet first.”

Justin closes by writing that "It’s high time the American occupation of Europe was ended..."

The precondition for that happening is if the Israeli occupation of American is ended first!

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We're "over there" because that's where the Lobby wants us. The U.S. used to have a ME policy of playing off Iran against Iraq, then the Lobby managed to evolve it to "dual containment" where U.S. forces where kept "over the horizon." Still not satisfied, the Lobby pushed to get U.S. forces stationed in the ME by selling the policy of regional transformation - i.e., invading, occupying, and changing the regimes of Israel's enemies (Iran, Iraq, and Syria). It's all in Mearsheimer and Walt's book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

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"... all it does is mouth mindlessly the propaganda of one camp"

you must be referring to the neocon rags: the paper of record, the WaPo, and the War Street Journal!