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Sort of relatedly, as a fan of tie-in novels of all sorts, I'd like to thank you for your novel synopses over the course of these reviews; you've given me tons of recs to look into. It kinda makes me wish I'd been around when Mark was first reviewing Doctor Who, as I could've done something similar. Anyway, these have been so cool, and while I obviously don't speak for Mark or the site, I personally would love to read your breakdowns!


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I was originally going to link to this after "Our Man Bashir", but I forgot, and honestly it's better this way as there are no longer any spoilers:

"I Wish I Was James Bond" by LJ user kuwdora, a humorous character study that's a great deal more complex than it seem on the surface, much like our favorite station doctor.

Also, my personal favorite DS9 fic,

Letters From the Northern Continent

I would also highly concur with the others who've rec'd Andrew J. Robinson's A Stitch in Time for Garak character study, followed by Una McCormack's The Never Ending Sacrifice, a character study for someone you may not have expected.

I'd also highly recommend taking a look at the Deep Dish Nine tag on tumblr, a ridiculous and adorable AU. There may some VOY spoilers, but given you're in S5 I don't think there's anything too spoilery.

And lastly, Mark, do you think your perceptions of Star Trek and what Trek can do and be have been changed by DS9 in particular, and if so, in what ways?

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ooooh my fuck I never got that before. The rubies are redshirts. Fuck.

*facepalms from now into the next century*

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Yeeeah, I'm with you on this one. It's not like Greg's exact age affects the plot in any way, and it makes way more sense to me too that they were together longer, even leaving aside that it makes his appearance make more sense.

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I don't think this falls under expectation spoilers or anything but feel free to let me know if I should rot13 it just in case:

I don't think Homeworld views fusion as an expression of pure or true love at all. (My personal headcanon is that the Diamonds don't really allow for any kind of relationship among Gems that might distract or detract from their veneration of the Diamonds but that's neither here nor there). But bear in mind the person who says "fusion is the ultimate connection between Gems" is Pearl to Greg, and she says this to someone who she knows doesn't know enough about Gem biology and culture to call her out if she's wrong, and she says it to him specifically to put him down and try and sabotage his relationship with Rose. She doesn't exactly come across as a reliable narrator.

We've only see a Homeworld fusion once, between CG Ruby and her squad, and Jasper's memetic line "Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger" indicates that she at least initially thought that Garnet existed because Ruby and Sapphire weren't strong enough to fight on their own.

It seems like Homeworld doesn't think of fusion as expression of love so much as a martial necessity imo.

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Heh, for some reason I had the idea that Greg and Rose were together for like a decade before deciding to have Steven, and that he was something like 46 now? But apparently nobody, including the writers agree with that.

I'd guess that the Doylist reason would be that Lion 3 was created sometime before the crew had a handle on young!Greg's character design?

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That always makes me smile. Represent New Mexico!

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I think Homeworld just didn't realize Rose or anyone else survived. Peridot was initially shocked to discover that there were still Crystal Gems on Earth.

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You nailed it for me. Everyone else (including Lars's parents!) is more concerned about Steven, who knew what was happening the whole time, than about Lars, who woke up in Steven's bedroom having lost a day and is already being criticized for something he had no say in. I feel like Lars tends to be the conspicuous exception to Steven Universe's otherwise impeccable assumption of good will. He can't grow up or move on because the narrative is more concerned with externally punishing him than it is with him learning to be kinder and accepting responsibility for his behavior.

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Heh, Lars is very thirsty for the Cool Kids