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I'm sure you're right Mr. Darby when you say they will attempt to put hurdles in our path, after all rigging the system is nothing new when a corrupt regime is desperate to cling to power. However history has shown that corrupt governments eventually fall! Perhaps we could use the system to beat the system?

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All in all it could have been worse, you could have been in Philadelphia!

Onwards and upwards!

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Did you notice samba, that when this was covered by yahoo they showed an image of....wait for it, the union flag!!

Daft sods couldn't even get that right!

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Roll up, roll up, buy your anti BNP doll here!

Each doll comes complete with its own stock phrases, just pull the ring on the back & listen to stirring words such as: Nazi scum.. nazi scum.. BNP fascist bastards... no platform for the nazi BNP...multiculturism is great. Freedom of speech for everyone! Shut up you fascist bastard this is a democracy!

These dolls come in boxes of two hundred so just order the amount you require to fill your audience, but please be advised the stock phrases remain the same!!

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Hermann Goering must be spinning in his grave, what he and the might of his Luftwaffe coundn't manage by force successive so called British governments have managed by stealth.

Never mind. As I've said before on this website what can be done can be undone, no Government is bound by its predecessors.


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Some ten seconds in she actually refers to the city as STROKE!

Could this perhaps explain the general paralysis affecting the liblabcon alliance in their approach to problems in general and STOKE (Note no letter "R") in particular?

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Fighting for his beliefs and for the freedom of this, his and our country, from the 1940's until 2010.

A lifetime of commitment.

We owe this man a debt of gratitude that frankly cannot be repaid, but which at least must be honoured, not just for his sacrifice, but for the future of our people.

God bless you sir, I hope we are worthy to take up where you have left off.

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One commentator today refered to the debate as deeply superficial. Not sure if he was aware of the irony or contradiction, but perhaps it doesn't matter, because in fact it sums it up nicely!

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Comming soon!

Public executions in a Market Town near you!!!

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Foreign aid should be limited to to time of emergency such as natural disasters. If there is to be any other kind of aid this should be provided by the private sector in collaboration with the government of the country receiving the aid.

Foreign aid:
In the short term, bloody irritating and expensive.
In the medium term, useful to ourselves politically.
In the long term, charity begins at home.