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My favorite is #5... I literally LOL'd when I saw that one!

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Good job, KATU. It's nice to see some good news this holiday season :)

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I have a 13 year old cousin whose father had a vasectomy 20 something years ago. It happens. They dealt with it, and she's a very loved little girl. Her parents wouldn't have thought about suing the doctor who did the procedure.

Anything dealing with fertility has a margin of a fail rate. I have my tubes tied, and have had a miscarriage since. It happens. Did I sue for pain and suffering? No. I just looked at it as "it happened, I'll deal with it".

Some people are just greedy. Like these guys. I feel sorry for the kid.

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HAHA! Good catch! I hadn't noticed that before. Priceless :)

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I hate to admit it, but from looking at the picture, I can understand how women fell for this piece of *bleep*. He's quite good looking, and most likely had the fake charm to boot... Hope he has fun with Big Bertha - aka Butch :)

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I'm glad nobody was hurt! This could have turned into a much uglier situation than it was. Remember, even if you're only going to go inside for a minute - turn off your vehicle and lock your doors. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see someone approaching you, go back inside - it may seem paranoid, but it's the safe thing to do. I know this from experience!

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It's so nice to see a happy ending to a missing persons story.

My thoughts are with this gentleman. Hopefully he has a swift recovery and survives his ordeal.

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Not everyone who is a meth user loses their teeth. Tooth loss is caused more from smoking the drug. It can also be snorted or injected.

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That was my initial thought too. He definitely looks like a druggy with those sunken in cheeks and wild looking eyes *shiver*

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You may have a good point here.

If the city deployed an auto lock mechanism that locked after a certain time, then it might make both sides of the fence happy - those who are shopping in the area or taking their kids to the park, and also the residents of the area who are concerned about who uses it at night.

Personally, I've hoped for there to be a public restroom in that area for a while now. Walking to Whole Foods or Powells is a little too far when you have a small child who has to go NOW. And they are two of the only available restrooms around the Pearl.