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Unemployment Falls to 8.6 Percent as More Quit Seeking Jobs

A total of approx 435,000 people have left the unemployed rolls in the recent labor report - 120,000 have Found jobs while 315,000 people have GIVEN UP looking for work entirely and were NO LONGER counted as unemployed. That is why the "reported" unemployment rate dropped .5% from 9.1% to 8.6%. Obama had better hope that MORE people STOP looking for work.

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Newt stepped on it at last night's debate. I lke Newt but his "position" on illegal immigration raises some questions. He referred to those illegals who have been here 25 years who have kids and grandkids who have "paid taxes", joined churches and have been good "citizens" First of all they ARE NOT citizens - but interlopers. Secondly, if they actually paid taxes then they would have needed to show a social security number. Since they were illegal any SSN they used must have been fraudulent - hence they were guilty of a felony (not really lawful is it?). Why not "forgive" anyone who robbed a bank 25 years ago but had kids and grandkids, paid taxes and were solid citizens of their communities and even stallard members of their churches. What was he thinking???? I am very disappointed with Newt - thought he had seen the light.

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Obama is just standing back knowing a third party 2012 POTUS candidate (e.g. Trump, Paul, Huntsman, etc) will divide the Republican vote sufficient enough that he will win re-election even if he only gets 45% of the vote. I hate the idea of a 3rd party candidate but it is almost a certainty at this point.

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Hope it stays that way till Nov 2012.

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Miller Baker (a Tea Party Conservative) has just won the Virginia State Senate Republican Primary for the 39th District. The people of Virginia need to elect a total of two Conservatives to take control of the Virginia Senate.They already control the House. With Bob McDonald (Republican) as Govenor with both the House AND Senate under Republican control we may be able to turn Virginia around to vote for the Republican POTUS candidate in 2012. Virginia went for OBAMA in 2008 (Yuck!!!)

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Fantastic - wish I could be there too. If you get a chance, ask Dr Corsi this question. Obama supporters claim that the long form BC has "layers" because it was scanned with the OCR (Optical Character Reader) function on. I doubt this. Dr Corsi should run a test to absolutely dismiss this weak excuse. He should take a document (with text and handwriting) and scan it on a scanner with the OCR function turned on. The resulting pdf file should be turned over to his experts for them to analyze and see if the "layering" effect shows. I doubt it would but it would put to rest once and for all the "OCR" excuse.

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"SHOOT BACK" would be little comfort to those millions of Americans who could possibly die from one Iranian sponsored nuclear attack from a cargo ship launched nuclear missile or terrorist attack with smuggled nuclear weapons. Do you really think that the mullahs in Iran really care if we SHOT BACK??? Should Israel should launch a pre-emptive attack against Iran's nuclear facilities (even though at this point it would be too little, too late). I am sure the whole world would get behind Israel's unilateral actions - specially the UN. I doubt Paul would run to the podium in support of the Israeli action - after all it is their problem. BTW - missile shields won't be very effective against in-close cargo ship launched missiles or smuggled weapons.

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I agree with Ron Paul on many of his positions on domestic issues (except legalizing drugs). However his position on the Iranian/Israeli situation is very very problematic. Per Paul, Iran will get a nuclear weapon by default. Iran will use a nuclear weapon to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth" They will exert unimagineable control over the Middle East and WILL restrict oil exports to the Western countries. Paul made fun of Iran's army and lack of an Air Force - implying they aren't a military threat to anyone - specially the USA. They already HAVE missiles that can reach western portions of Europe and maybe even the major cities. They have extreme radical terrorist resources that could be used to try and smuggle a nuclear weapon into the USA or close to the coastline. Paul doesn't apreciate the ideology of the mullahs in Iran - THEY WANT WORLD BLOOD TO FUTHER RADICAL ISLAM GOALS . They are not a "rational" government. For this reason alone, Paul absolutely shouldn't be considered a legitimate POTUS candidate.

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I just saw reports of a recent national poll that "show" Tea Party disapproval at 51% and approval of only 34%. They say the disapproval is the result of the Tea Party not "compromising" in the recent debt/debt ceiling battles in Congress. Other than nuances in the poll question itself I cannot understand why this poll came out the way it did? The polling agency says that it was the Independents that soured on the Tea Party. I think that, as a national force, the Tea Party has been too quiet during the last 6 months or so. WE have let our detractors define us for too long. We need to get VISIBLE and do it quickly. A national call for a Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill is long, long overdue. WE cannot let the politicos (even our Tea Party friends in Congress) be the face of the Tea Party or we will just turn into another political interest group. WE NEED TO GRASS ROOT IT ALL THE WAY TO CAPITOL HILL- and sooner the better!!!!!

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Yep - Fair Tax is the best way to go for sure