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Ok, I wonder if the MB489LA's belong to the "no service" category as well. Sounds like it. Would be nice to know if any one else has an MB489LA and is getting "no service".

Wish I knew more about these things and could really get in there and figure out what the issue was!

Sorry you're having trouble, voyage! I was lucky enough yesterday to find a coworker with the exact same type of 3G I had, but that was the MB702LL variety, and we traded phones. So NOW i finally have a successful unlock after 10 months of not being able to use a phone. But I'm committed to seeing this issue through!

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During the past week, I've used redsn0w 0.9.5b5-3, 0.9.5b5-4, and 0.9.5b5-5

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Hahahaha, sorry ElPipo!! I think it's safe to say I get a little "long winded" sometimes. Hahaha. I apologize!!

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OK, I've got a theory about the "no service" issue I and a lot of folks are having after we unlock. And I need some of the more knowledgeable folks to chime in if they know anything about this:

I bought a 3G from a friend of mine back in August of last year. It had already been updated to 3.1.2 at the time, so I had no way of jailbreaking and unlocking. So it sat in my bedroom while I continued to use my 2g. Then in October when geohot released blackra1n and blacksn0w, I got super excited and immediately went to work on my 3G. Only to be super disappointed when after 10 different restores using every possible method of restoration/jailbreaking/unlocking, getting a new SIM card from T-Mobile, trying every damn thing that ANYBODY suggested at that point, I had a bizarre issue, which I thought I was the only one until gradually others started cropping up on this blog having the same exact issue, where when I would unlock, it would take my T-Mobile (US) SIM, and all, and would have a few bars of service, and then gradually go down to no bars, and then No Service. And I could never get service hardly. Unless I rebooted my phone, then it'd give me 1 bar for a few seconds, maybe a minute, then back to no service.

Well, after a month of all these attempts, I finally decided that it must have been some sort of bug in the way blacksn0w did it's unlock, and i put the 3G back on the shelf in my bedroom, and continued using the 2g. Until a week ago, when the dev team announced the new version of redsn0w and ultrasn0w, and I got super excited, thinking that if blacksn0w had a bug in the unlock, surely the Dev Team's software wouldn't. And to my great disappointment the same exact thing happened. No service. Period. Ever. Tried everything. NOTHING worked.

Until yesterday. I borrowed a coworker's iPhone 3G that was identical to mine as far as storage space and color and all that. And I made a backup of her phone and then jailbroke it, and unlocked it, and it worked like a champion! So I started poking around and noticed something: under Settings -> General -> About, my 3G was a model "MB046LL". And her 3G was model "MB702LL"

So I got on here and asked one of my fellow non-unlockable friends what his model was and his is an MB048LL. I've got another co-worker who just got an iPhone 3G with the model MB702LL, and his also unlocked just like it should with no problems whatsoever.

SO, my big question for you guys:

What I once decided must have been a bug in the software used in blacksn0w and ultrasn0w, I'm now thinking it has nothing to do with that, but rather some sort of big difference between the 3G model MB04*LL and the other 3G models.

Can anyone tell me what the differences are between those?

Also, I'd love to hear the model numbers of anyone else using a 3G having the "no service" issue.

Thanks you guys! And thanks SO much to all the Dev Team for all the incredible amount of work they do for us. And another big THANK YOU to all of the super-knowledgeable people who lend their brains to us in these comments. We wouldn't be here without you!

**Raises glass to the iPhone jailbreak family!** :-)

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Ok, I think I know what the problem is.

Your model is MB048LL. My 3G is MB046LL.

Neither work with the unlock at all.

However, I switched phones with someone yesterday who had an identical 3G as mine, 8 GB, black back, etc, but her model is MB702LL, and it unlocked like a champion. I'm using it as we speak. No problems whatsoever.

I have no idea what the differences in these models are, but what I had been chalking up as a bug in the software, I'm now thinking is simply that on these MB04*LL models, something in there is very different. I'd be quite curious to know.

Hopefully someone can chime in who knows more about the internals in these different "models".

My advice for the time being, find somebody who can switch with you if at all possible. One of my coworkers had a 3G and just used it on AT&T, no jailbraking or unlocking, and her's looked identical to mine and had the same amount of storage and all that jazz. So I asked her if I could borrow it to run some tests on it, and I backed all her stuff up and then jailbroke it and unlocked it and it worked great, and so I restored all her backup and everything to MY 3G, and then explained the situation to her, and asked if she'd mind switching phones with me. And once i showed her her stuff on my phone (which looked identical except waaaay cleaner than her phone ;-) then she was totally cool with switching. I told her if she had any problems with it, we could easily switch back.

I don't know if that's even a remotely possible solution for you at this point, but honestly, until there's changes to the method ultrasn0w uses to unlock, i don't think there's any other way :-/

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Hey David, if you go under Settings -> General -> About, scroll down and tell me what it has for Model.

I'm curious to know what significance that might hold and if we might have the same models.

Let me know! Thanks!

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No kidding!


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David, sounds like you're having the same issue as quite of few of us on here.

Did CON's suggestion to try the IPSW from the iCommunity site help at all?

Please keep us updated! We feel your pain!! :-)

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Hmm, that's odd. I see it once I install ultrasn0w. Doesn't really matter for me though, since I don't get any service to begin with! :-/

I'm assuming you're unlocking with ultrasn0w 0.93?

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Hey Slavak,

As noted earlier, I haven't been able to get it working with 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 either. I don't know what else to try. :-/

Thanks for the suggestion though!