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It's the difference between "meaning" and "buzz". On the one hand you have storytelling with truth -- it grounds the conversation and on the other, with buzz, you have pure chatter.

When we communicate we are attempting to help people understand or make personal sense of the world (or a product, niche etc). In some ways, "facts" get in the way of a compelling story ... and we are more likely to "believe" with our heart than listen with our heads. The story that can be told and retold is the one that we all seek -- it is marketing gold. Sometimes these stories are true, sometimes we just want them to be. For many of us, the distinction between the two is not an issue -- which reflects our own inconsistencies anyway.

I think meaning and consistency shifts in time with the chaos of our lives. I am different to how I was 20 years ago and how I will be 20 years in the future. I agree with Gannon ... we should embrace this strange ambivalence.