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You forget the internet as well. The Obama is seeking to have "emergency control" over private servers. I suppose it's an emergency if private servers are espousing "controversial" material that promotes views opposing Obama...

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Healthcare reform anyone?

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That thing written by a bunch of old rich white men whose appointment of Justice Sotomayor is supposed to fix.

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I was thinking the exact same thing. Honduras should be praised for their self-restraint. That country is clearly the most advanced in the South America. Honduras didn't kill anyone, there was no bloodshed (except when the President attempted to stage a coup after his first exile). Meanwhile, Venezuela and Iran are crushing protesters who try to fight for freedom.
We shouldn't speak of being an example unless we're willing to help those live up to our standard.

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You're a Nazi and unpatriotic if you disagree.

Note: Humor intended.

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Have you seen this film? How vile was it? I tried to read the movie poster, but the text did this weird acid wavy effect and I'm not a it made no sense.

I'm aware of why Woodstock is important to the leftist Hippies. It's an example of when the baby boomers were able to deny their social responsibilities in favor of childish hedonism. The word "hippie" and "socialism" go hand in hand. Hippies don't want to grow up and get a job; socialist want government controlled economy. They can just live in perpetuity within the comforts of big brother government. They're worshiping the 60s, they'll try to tie this in with Obama. Remember, he is the last Kennedy brother according to Chris "tickle up my leg" Matthews.

Remember: Kennedy, Hippies, protests, legalizing marijuana, anti-war, civil rights, and free love...It all slurs together like a bad acid trip. No responsibilities needed, government will take care of you.

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This is awful. Let the poor child rest in peace.

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I gained immunity by canceling my cable subscription months ago. I still don't miss it.

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The Liberals know of Drudge?!
I thought that they were too busy sitting on their Ivy Throwns to notice the scurrying of the common man.

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This vacation is clearly an attempt to save money and control the deficit. If Obama is away from the White House, he can't absorb anymore of our money to pay off his friends. GENIUS!