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Nothing is worse than when your on the road and wanting a quick bite to eat... You look around and all you see is burger places. I would love to see a fast food place that serves healthier combos with sandwiches, fruit, veggies, etc. All at a good price too! I know that some current chains are trying to serve these items but I still don't like the fact that my salad was served from the same line that a bigmac came from!
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Universal healthcare means everyone in the country is insured. There are 40-50 million people in the U.S. that are uninsured. Pretty big number.

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The californian debates against its legalisation is based around social taboo, fear of the unknown (they've tried to scare monger saying things such as home growing it can cause dangerous mold to grow, but mold grows in any wet enviorment. Hot showers for eg can cause it to grow) such as what amount can cause impaired judgement when working/driving? Will kids end up being stoners? etc. There is no science to the oppositions debate & again you can look to the dutch or canadians where use of it both recreational & medical is lax. Best Supplements for Muscle Gain

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Providing it shows benifits in helping people then yes, alternative natural medicine should always be given of synthetics which have been shown to reduce the immune system & aid in bacterial evolution (eg antibiotics).
As for recreational again if the scientists can show that it isn't life threatning etc then i feel each person should have the right to choose if they want to take it, supposedly cigarettes wouldn't get near the market 50 years ago had people known the dangers but its just such a social norm that its acceptable despite the clearly shown dangers of smoking.
Obviously if its recreational you'd look to the dutch to see how it is taxed etc over there, no doubts that it takes money away from the criminal world where Cannabis is one of the biggest profit makers. Healthy Subscription Boxes

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Supposedly alot of scientists aren't willing to help push for its legality for fear of losing their reputation & grants as Marijuana is still a big social taboo. Workout Subscription Box

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Exactly what california are trying to do with it they're trying to make it recreational. See i'm no scientist so i can't exactly say if it is or isn't dangerous, i can however say that it was banned in america (not sure bout the rest of the world) due to racism & from viral campaigns and briber of companies that were in competition with the hemp industry (cotten/paper). There was no science behind its ban but unlike the alcohol ban in America it was kept. Fitness Subscription Box

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Why do homeschool moms always watch us homeschooled teens like Hawks? It's super awkward at homeschool dances when a boy asks to dance with me, and our parents are staring at us as if ... At homeschool group, often the moms make sure we don't come out of their sight. Why do homeschool moms seem to do this?

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I am a Freshman at highschool. In middleschool, I had a VERY hard time. Starting in 4th grade, I needed special math help, but they finally pulled me out for special classes in the middle of my eigth grade year. I hated being pulled out, but i hated being the stupidest one in my class, being made fun when i go up to the board. In sixth grade i had serious issues with a teacher. My mom talked to the principle and he didnt want to do anything about it except run me through tests and end up not even helping.

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im deciding on whether to do a criminology course in university, but i dont want go into a course for 4 years then not end up with a job in that field. what are the possible job opportunities for criminology students?

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The majority of writers get paid nothing for their books, because their books never get published for many reasons (didn't finish what they started, didn't work on it after written, didn't learn how to get it published, gave up after the first rejection slip, gave up after the 7th rejection slip, gave up after the 50th rejection slip, etc. Of the minority that did get published, many of them end up paying for that privilege without reaping any financial rewards (self-published, because it wasn't good enough to really be published, self-published, but never figured out how to promote it, regularly published, but never marketed properly, regularly published, but it was a chance that proved it wasn't worth the chance.)