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Are people not reading the story properly? The complaint is that payroll is taking too much time to process invoices, not that Impact/Anthem are unable to pay due to cashflow issues (as was the case under the previous TNA administration). Some people are just too quick to jump on any bandwagons.

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Is anyone surprised that Ric Flair, who has sadly become the ultimate corporate kiss ass over the last few years, has only chosen WWE wrestlers?

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I know, its quite pathetic. The WWE has what, a 90% market share? Yet *some* of their fans think its their responsibility to attack other promotions (especially Impact) at every given opportunity. I bet it must have been such a sacrifice to declare yourself to be a WWE fan, reminds me of everyone in the mid 90's who started to support Manchester United because they were winning everything.

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I realise most people don't seem to care any more, but this is just a prime example of why I dislike the concept of NXT so much. Not content with already holding what's basically a monopoly over the wrestling business, NXT has descended into hoovering every piece of talent there is from other promotions. From a WWE standpoint its great of course, more business for them and it hurts any potential competition even further. But I wish some fans stopped being so blinkered and acted like NXT is some sort of 'alternative'. Its just another WWE product aimed towards trampling on other companies. I feel like its a losing battle but its not healthy for so much of the market share to be in the hands of one company, I just wish other people saw that sometimes.

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Anyone noticed how the WWE are so insecure, they even had to replace the word 'wrestling'. Pathetic.

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I'll probably get voted down like hell for this, but I really dislike the idea of NXT, or what NXT has become at least.
I thought it was meant to be a way of training up and coming wrestlers, but how many examples do we have now of it just being used as a vehicle to cut the balls off Impact, ROH and to a lesser extent, New Japan.
Like the WWE doesn't have enough of a market share anyway....

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You obviously didn't read Ed Nordholm's statement properly, although it is a particularly poorly worded story.

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I think the modern day obsession of 'good matches' actually hurts wrestling these days, as strange as that may sound. Think about it, when was the WWF at its most popular? I'd say the mid to late 80's to early 90's, and the late 90's and early 2000's, correct? Now what would say had the heaviest emphasis in both those era's, was it the character building or the 'good matches'? I don't doubt for a second that the current day WWE roster is, on the whole, the most athletic the company has ever had. But what use it that really, when the characters are so bland and scripted that they have no chance of flourishing, and the shows are obviously so stage managed and over produced that nothing has a chance of being organic. Wrestling is supposed to be a little gritty and off the cuff, it never will be Hollywood, which is what the McMahons and Kevin Dunn are sadly so desperate to turn it into.

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So WWE are markeing a DVD entitled 'the essential collection' which doesn't feature any of his TNA matches, where he spent over half his career.

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I've learnt never to read too much into Impact spoilers tbh. I often read through a set of results but when it appears on TV, it tends to make much more sense and come over as decent at least.