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Broke your potara earrings, dropped the spirit bomb, used all your senzu beans, feeling the aftereffects of Kaoken times twenty, beat the villain and you're heading home, who do you find? Gary Fucking Oak and he's banging Chichi.

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Right. I sometimes forget that not everyone has a functional health-care system. Wouldn't want to vilify anyone who's just doing what they gotta do.

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I got diagnosed in highschool. Everyone definitely knew there was something up with me as a child and heaven knows we'd visited doctors about it before but it wasn't until grade ten that a doctor gave us an actual diagnosis. Certainly nobody was surprised by the revelation. Definitely just assigning a name to something we already knew was going on.

I wouldn't want to paint my experience as typical since I know it's not, but it's certainly how it went down for me. The fact that I'm pretty high-functioning contributed to it.

Either way though it's still not something you'd diagnose yourself with. That's what doctors are for. In fact, let's just not self-diagnose in general. How does that sound?

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Or he just doesn't care.

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Ooh, I haven't heard that one before. That's just downright devious douchebaggery. Comcast doesn't offer internet in my province I don't think.

My favorite part was when the ISP told us they had friends in Hollywood that they could call up and have me investigated for Piracy. What a weird way to even execute that bluff. "The only way you could be using that much bandwidth is through criminal pursuits. I'm gonna report you to my buddy the bigshot director".

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I've also gotten the "Yeah we said unlimited but we didn't really mean it" call. Yes my data usage was a tad excessive. Yes, I had roommates that were also using data excessively. That's why we paid for the frakking unlimited plan. For that matter that was why I was using their no-name shit connection that cut out intermittently every couple minutes making even basic videostreaming a chore and gaming impossible and flatout disappeared for three or four hours a day instead of the big name companies who didn't offer an unlimited plan.

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It's a derogatory term. Chaos is being insulted.

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Luigi's final smash should turn him into Mario for a short period of time? Sounds about right.

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The spirit bomb had a worse hit rate than the destructo disk.