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At first all the new guys in this game were annoying me, but now I'm realizing that the entire game is gonna feel fresh now because of it.

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Despite all the games that are giving me reason to get excited about the WiiU, the only one that makes me want to buy the system is Monster Hunter.

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Is his name Froakie Mercury?

I think that I can only make puns...

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Or maybe it's a gold-titanium alloy?

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Is that how you get the golden axe in these new games?

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Yo girl, I really like your mane

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Do you not realize that Slimes are one of the most popular r34 subjects around the world?

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While there are definitely stupid bronies out there, but there are people in every fandom that treat there own fandom as a way of life. I just think that people tend to overreact to bronies at times, just because we're freakin huge.

I remember watching Jontron's Bubsy video, and a guy commented saying "Hamalot sounds like something Discord would make up" (Hamalot was one of the level's names). Now, while it's not a particularly funny comment, it wasn't really worth a reaction. But a huge flame war broke out, with a LOT of people saying that people like him are the cancer of the internet. So I think a big part of the brony's evangelical legacy is due to people's constant overreaction. Not that bronies aren't obsessive. But I think the majority of bronies just watch the show as a side thing, like you or me.

Sorry about how long this comment is, it probably disproves my own point.

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Soldier is best pony.

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I didn't actually mean it, I was trying to be punny.