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Here's an interesting story by the John Cook, that the Big G refused to run:

Scientology/Vanity Fair Escandalo?

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Wah! I haven't been able to be on here as much as I want, due to hoofing it like yesterday's bitch on this job search. :(

I know there are freelancers and creative types here, and I have a question. The first requirement for a Copywriter job (that I really really really would die to get) is "Online Portfolio". I do not have one of these, and am assembling one. Most of my past work was for myself, so it's not just copy, it's logo/brand stuff/ad copy/images etc. Should I use all of it to show creativity, or just go with a simple portfolio like at writersresidence?

Thank you to anyone and everyone. I'm off to go freeze my computer by opening InDesign again! Hopefully I'll be able to post normally by next week. :(

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I'm always partial to the blood out of an orifice/hallucination in the middle of the episode.

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Andrew Sullivan, though not an extremist, usually looks at things from the extremes if you don't agree with him. His reaction to the Obama Admin's budget isn't unexpected, but there's almost a twinge of personal affront attached to it. It's like, come on dude, entitlement cuts aren't happening right now. You'd be insane to touch the safety net this soon after a crippling recession that still has many jobless and many fretting for their retirement. He has a laser-like focus, which can be great, but on political issues like this, it leads to tone-deafness.

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Adele's new album is aaaaamazing. It officially hits the US on the 22nd, but the UK version is out there. I want to go straight for her voice. (Also, I'm drunk.)

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I'm hoping to head to Chicago by the end of Spring. Have a friend at Groupon who might be able to help me snag a job there, but other than that it looks like I'm going to have to relearn this job search stuff. Also, I'm going to feel like Kenneth the Page.

Thankfully, my resume is relatively up to date, but probably needs a redesign.

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Perfect. Thanks a ton I'm in a tricky spot (ran a business that I closed and planned to move to a better location, but in the meantime realized I wanted to get out of this town and get a regular job) and want to be very clear that I've been doing something.

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On a resume, how would you put a whole bunch of different jobs you were doing at one time? Or, should I just put the relevant work and mention others if it comes up in the interview? I've been freelancing, temping, and had a boss dog walking business going while I look for a new full-time job. If I'm applying for a writing job, just put the freelancing?

(I'm hopelessly lost, and majorly freaking out about being able to return to the professional world, and moving to a major city at the same time.)

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The sure thing in a small, declining city that you don't really like anymore or the gamble in the big city?

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I noticed the resemblance, too.

A lot of people have been hating on the song today, but this single is almost a "buzz" single instead of a regular release. It's a message song. It's message is obvious, delivered with the subtlety of Thor's hammer, and meant to generate conversation and press. It it were any other artist's song, I'd be cynical, but she's hellbent on being vocally pro-gay rights, and this song will top the charts with the lyrics "Don't be drag/just be a queen". The second single is already lined up, and will be released by May, unless this song surprisingly sustains (like "Single Ladies" did).

I've obviously over-thought this, but tl;dr: This wasn't intended to be the next "Bad Romance". It's a catchy dance song that the clubs (especially gay ones) will love, with a message that's catching fire in the demo that music companies love. It only has to last 2ish months.