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Like I have said my expereince is anecdotal.

Certainly in extended social networks, those I know who are 'observant' of religious ritual all have religious parents and all are treated like children and therefore come across as being very immature when taken outside these sillo's of group think.

Again, anecdotally, from my experience religious / conservative parents = over protective parents and immature young adults.

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It is happening religious zealots.

Thankfully we live in an age where backward attitudes no longer dominate in the UK at large (if not NI).

Suck it up.

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Just another reason to deteste Iris Robinson, a women who seems incapable of learning from her mistakes as she yet again attempts to weasel her way back into the public limelight.

"Three more years passed before, in early 2007, the department issued guidelines declaring abortion legal when a woman's mental, or physical, health was in 'grave' danger of 'serious, or permanent, damage'".

Iris Robinson and her ilk would rather see a mother potentially incapacitated for lfe than contenance an abortion on 'moral' (see Christian) grounds. Where is the morality in forcing mothers to go to term against their will knowing full well that they or the baby may not survive. Disgusting.

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4) it is very relevant because it is symptomatic of myopic religious and conservative social attitudes holding back progress. The arguments against are always a variation on a theme and they have always been proved wrong.

5) Those on the wrong side of history always end up looking foolish, whether they care to admit to themselves or not.

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That is only half the story Wilson.

True, many people have been forced to put their lives on hold due to circumstance, however, (and I say this as a person in their 20's) there are strong social reasons for this kind of developmental retardation in NI.

Many young people from conservative and usually religious households are discouraged from setting out on their own. There are many unhealthily over-protective parents in NI.

Consider my gf. 'Traditional' parents, very religious. depsite the fact she graduated with a 1st they actively discouraged her from moving to London to take up a great job. They made it as hard as they could for her to move away and I will never forget it. Her options were simple sit at home, dependent and unemployed or move to London to pursue a career and lead an independent , ADULT life.

My gf says herself that they would have expected her to marry local with zero thought given to the fact that she might want a rewarding career. What kind of offering is this?

There are many many overprotective, I would say selfish parents in NI who cannot cope with change or differing opinions. It is these myopic attitudes I rail against and they are damaging the prospects of many young people.

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You give the game away with this statement:

'purely the fact that they are different relationships so why call them the same'

Different in what way? Can you not see how unbelieveably prejudiced this view is? A couple is a couple, a loving relationship a loving relationship. It is completely irrelevant if it is a male - female / male - male / or female -female relationship.

This statement is the very definition of bigotry! You don't understand it so you shoot it down. What an asshole.

As for jumping on the bandwagon, I have many friends, good friends, in same sex relationships with whom I would love to share in the joy of their marraiage. But sure if you find it easier to dismiss an opposing viewpoint by dismissing it as bandwagon hopping suit yourself, it won't change the outcome.

And yes denying other people the same rights you enjoy because you percieve them to be different is BARBARIC!!

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Offcourse all the passages are completely irrelevant anyway given it is made up tosh. So if you think for one second that the vast majority of people are likley to be swayed by this rubbish you are in for a shock.

If you spend your life lapping this crap up you do indeed deserve to spend eternity (a long time) staring at the four white walls of God's toilet.

Given that the concept of a supreme being is very much a human construct that most likely came about because many poor uneligtened souls cannot comprehend the World going on without them.

Newsflash, the World will go on and you won't care in much the same way the World existed before you were born and you did not care much. Accept it, move on, and let good people live their lives with parity of esteem and in peace.

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That would be because in general terms society is on a civilised track.

Would you wind the clock back 100 years with regards to female rights? religious freedom? racial equality etc?

I very much doubt it.

Similar religious arguments were trotted out against universial suffrage or even being a member of the Presbyterian church not that long ago in the greater scheme of things.

This is going to happen and when you look back you will feel very foolish indeed.

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It is really about parity of esteem.

Having a seperate system for same sex partners is equivalent to aparthide.

What allot of religous dogmatists forget is that those who are gay are people with feelings and emotions. It is insulting that they should be denied the same treatment as anyone else and there is absolutely no substantive argument supporting the anti-gay marriage argument. It is nothing more than xenophobia, dressed up as religious dogma.

The reality is that many religious people have wildly prejudicial views on homosexuality. views driven by religious dogma. For religious oponents the real fear is societal acceptance of homosexuality as a natural and normal state.

Afterall it highlights and makes a mockery of biblical text, and I guess from the religious perspective undermines the biblical World view.

Whatever your view no one should be denied the same parity if esteem as anyone else. To deny this is bigoted, prejudicial and un-civilised. It plays into the belief that somehow the religious perspective should be held in higher regard to all other persecptives, even at the expense of individuals freedoms. This is barbaric.

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I can't upvote this enough.