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I voted today (Ottawa West-Nepean)...I had to wait in line for over half an hour. I don't think that's ever happened to me in the decade-plus I've been of voting age.

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Bale definitely seemed like he forgot his wife's name...but according to pretty much every source I can find online, they've been married eleven years. So he actually forgot (or seemed to forget) the name of the woman he's been married to for more than a decade. Not sure if that's better or worse.

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Wasn't America's Funniest Home Videos ridiculously popular in Canada even after its ratings bottomed out in the US?

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This is the only Pixar movie I haven't it worth checking out?

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"The resurgence of interest in Polkaroo has taught me that I wasn’t the only person who took a long time to figure out that the Polkaroo was just the male host in a costume, which is why his voice sounded different depending on who was hosting and why the male host always “missed him again.” It’s still embarrassing that I didn’t get it right away, but at least I know I wasn’t alone."

I remember being the only kid in my kindergarten class who knew Polkaroo was just a person in a costume, but it took me another twenty years to find out it was always the male host. Up until then I'd always just assumed there was one guy hired to be Polkaroo for the run of the show. In a nutshell: my fellow kindergarteners were idiots, and you're not alone, Jaime.

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Clearly it's Michael Chong.

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Unfortunately, I think that his position is exactly where Scalia stands. In line 113 of the Lawrence dissent, Scalia effectively says that democratic measures are a perfectly legitimate way of determining minority rights. It's a position that's seemingly incompatible with the recognition of fundamental human rights, true, but it's one that's lurking inside a precedent that Walker cites...

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Heck, if Rasmussen's own press release says that Rasmussen is trustworthy, then they must be!

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Parisella only just found out about The Daily Show a few days ago. Somehow I can't imagine he's discovered Porter...