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Totally agree-Now that does not mean to sit quietly by and wait for all heck to break loose. Bikicat has a good point. We need to stay vigalent and join appropriate groups such as the tea party bunch or others. To be successful we will need to develop massave communication skills to reach all the segmented groups that are popping up all over. Sooner or later someone or thing--Like Glenn-- will need to coordinate activites. All I hope is that we keep it civil, no degrading of personalities-just facts ( I mean real facts not like the dems facts that come out of thin air). A slow proding freight train is what I would like to see. FR

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All well and good but the average joe schmo is totally ignorant as to what is being done to him. You and I follow the news and have passion for the cause. It is more up to us than the idiots in congress. But reality is that we need to plan for the 2010 elections. There is not much we can do now but talk. I have seen some action in the state legislations of Wyoming, Utah and Texas about states rights. We need to support our local legislators or prod them as needed. I personally want to see a few moderate democrats ( not the members of congress) step up and admit they made a mistake. This change must be embraced by many not just the republicans or conservatives. The only way is for it to get real bad-then the light will shine. I was a Marine-I do not believe that the worst case senerio is total totalitariasm - our armed forces would not go for that. I really believe when the real change takes place we will reverse the damage. We have a strong country that has weathered many problems in the past and will do so again.

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A third party can only work if there is a charismatic leader that comes forward. And that poor slob had better not have done anything in his/her past that would be foder for the night crawlers in the press.

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I heard something today from Dick Moris and Dennis Miller-Republicans should just sit back and let the administration do what they are going to do. We can't change (funny word) anything now. If all that is happening works then we will all be liberals. If it doesn't (which they felt it would not) then we're in. So since we are going to get screwed lets relax and enjoy it.

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Brand New: So I will make it quick. I want a leader to stand up and help the people create a 3rd Party (I don't mean Libertarian). That leader must be a statesperson-creditable-honest-well known-and willing to take the hits. The only way out of this mess is by building a 3rd party. The past is past-we can do nothing about it. I don't trust the republicans any more than I do the democrats. This is just the beginning of my vent. Thanks -- FR