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Another money saving tip -- We saved some money by switching car insurance companies. The policies that we had were from when we lived in a more urban setting with no garage and we were a lot younger with some recent traffic viloations. Since we moved to the suburbs, have a garage are older and don't have any recent tickets we were able to reduce our insurance significantly. When we went to cancel our policy, they gave us an even better rate than the company we originally were going to sign with.

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My husband is a soda addict and drinks roughly 2 litres a day. No diet for him -- it's regular straight up. Every January he gives it up and without fail he loses 15 - 20 lbs. by June. Then the summer months are hot and he starts drinking it again, gradually gains the weight and he starts again the following January. But the weightloss always amazes me.

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You were smart to immediately allocate where the money would be spent. I recently received a smallish, yet largish to me, bonus from work. I was either going to use it to pay some bills which we need to do OR buy new living room carpet, which we also need. The money sat in my account too long and now it's nearly gone. Spent mostly on Chipotle burrito bowls and impulse Target purchases.

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Isn't it sad that at some point in our adult lives the most satisfying activity in bed becomes SLEEPING! Sometimes I just long for those younger more carefree days.