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The new MB Azmin Ali acted decisively and fairly as well as going through the proper procedures This is what we call a Leader. More impotantly, he wanted all unfair payments to be return back to the state which it rightly belongs. At this juncture of our nation's development, all state funds must be used wisely, objectively and on priority basis with no personal favours.

Kudos to the new Selangor MB.

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The Police or PDRM are NOT religious authorites and they have no right to seize religious books.

Anyway, the books are meant for the consumption of the Orang Asli and NOT the public.

Why take actions which are outside the bounds of PDRM ?

Religious Freedom is enshrined in the Constitution.

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Incredible, even Parliamentarians elected by the people requested for information on 1MDB loans, they were ignored and brushed aside.

However, when a non-Parliamentarian in the like of ex-PM shouted, the 1MDB management was quick to seek a meeting to explain to him including the Chairman of 1MDB was present.

Now you know who is calling the shots !

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Do not blame the little Napoleons in the civil service. The Federal govt should shoulder the blame as this issue did not only surface yesterday. There were many instance before this i.e the confistification of the Christian CDs ; the seizure of Bibles in Selangor and then the seizure of the bibles enroute to Sabah.

The govt should have stepped in and deal with the issue promptly and effectively but you did not. If the little Napoleons civil servants did not understand then educate them.You did not do either The rights of Christians had been infringed but you chose to keep quiet.

Now because of the impending elections in Sarawak and Sabah you now want to pacify them. Too late isn't it ?

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Do not go around the bush. What is there to hide ?

The Federal and State Govt call the shots. The concessionaires has to abide by what the Federal and State govt stipulates in the contract. Afterall, this is a commercial agreement among the parties. The Federal Govt is the one who classify the agreement under OSA. The other parties has no power to do it . Period

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If you don't want taxpayers fund abused, then look at the Finance Ministry using public funds employing the sleek and dubious "acting" AG. Why didn't you complain of funds being misused ?

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Aiyah, this is a fly by night party representing themselvess.

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Road collapse in Wilayah Persekutuan creates a worst image for the city due to bad planning and coordination than that of the NGOs providing food for the needy, homeless and destitute.

Messy road conditions and traffic jams are far worse image projections for the city.

By the way if you restrict the food distribution centre to one area say for eg Pudu, then how is the needy and homeless in Chow Kit and Petaling Street going to go there ? Is City Hall providing free transport ?

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Orang PAS tidak buat tindakan begitu sebagai apa yg di buat oleh UMNO JAIS dan UMNO MAIS>

Orang PAS adalah rasional and ada logik and menhormati ugama orang lain bukan sebagai radikal orang dalam UMNO.

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TNG, Don't be naive and fake ignorance. JAIS officers do not necessary report to the state govt. If Khalid interferes in JAIS work, he will be charged with interfering in the work of a govt officer. Khalid is right to get the AG's go-ahead for the Bibles to be released.

I suggest you understand the reporting system and workings of JAIS and other state agencies whose officers are seconded to the state like the State legal adviser, State financial officer and all the heads of State district councils and municipal authorities.

Khalid can only advise, but cannot interfere in these officers' work unless there is a clear directive from the AG.