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Good discussion! The legal precedents may well be true. It's the fact that the "per" qualifiers don't exclude each other that causes the ability to enter from multiple email addresses. Each qualifier expands entry opportunities. "Per eligible person" expands the entry opportunities from one overall entry to one for each eligible person. "Per day" increases the entry opportunities again. "Per valid email address" has the same result. Added "pers" will expand, not restrict entry. An experienced computer user subverting the system would be better addressed through the definition of "valid email address" (it's not defined, so there's more wiggle room to prevent shenanigans). Also, a person creating a large number of addresses would also need a routine to enter for each address, which I think would be considered an attempt to undermine to sweepstakes, which is against the rules. I don't see entry via multiple valid email addresses (not created for the sole purpose of the sweepstakes) as being materially different from entry by mail multiple times per day. However, since I seem to be the lone wolf on this side of the interpretation of the rules, it appears I'd come out on the losing end of this issue. Oh well - fun discussion. Let's go out and win a dream home! (fairly and legally) :-)

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I interpret the rules differently. The rules don't say only one email address per person, it says one entry PER valid email address, per eligible person per day. I think that means you can enter on as many valid emails as you want each day. Otherwise, they wouldn't need mention email addresses at all. I think that as long as the email addresses are valid, and you are an eligible person, you can use the account to enter each day on each site.