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All so true - we need to stop using terms like "better half' and 'two shall become one" - ideally, it takes two complete individuals or at least one or other or both being a definite 'work in progress". Can't claim to know anyone else until you know yourself first.

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Interesting article, but re: the point that states : 'Tell her she did a good job raising her son' - well I gather that is assuming she did, otherwise - ' I cannot tell a lie....,'

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I agree with you that these parents should be proud of their offspring. These girls all accomplished much in their relatively short lives. Not only academically, but socially as well in the quality of their friendships and familial relationships . I hope that their parents while going through the grieving process, get to the point where they 'celebrate' the lives of their children even whilst grieving their loss. I, too, am truly sorry.....

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I find those parting words to her daughters, "Love you...God bless...Reach home safely" be haunting and almost an ironic choice of words, since they have indeed gone "home"...I, like so very many others feel so intensely for this mother and all the friends and family of all victims involved. Painful as it is, though, I have read where the twins' mom stated that the girls were her identity. Clearly, they were extremely close. However, one of the lessons we learn even in the midst of heart-wrenching tragedy, is that if you are a believer then not Man, riches nor even children should be 'idolized'. Always put Him first, for when tragedy strikes He is our strength and that which even many of the unbelieving call upon, to uphold and for support when circumstance such as these bring us to our knees.

Though we may lash out and question 'why'??? Ultimately the realizations comes that He is God, He is ALMIGHTY, and all that we have whether health, riches, children, come through His Grace. In all things, including raising our Children - put Him First, and He will direct our paths..... Ms Waddell, do not 'blame' God, they were precious gifts from Him, yours only for a time. Now as in all other times, draw closer to Him and entrust the spirits of your beautiful girls to Him as they have now indeed returned 'Home'.....God Bless You...

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How sad for their parents in particular. What was a double blessing 18 years ago is now grief x two,,,,I feel for them...such beautiful young ladies....May their souls rest in peace, and may their parents and loved ones by whatever means be consoled and find peace during this difficult time and in the years ahead....May God Bless and Comfort You All..

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Enjoyed reading your contribution - and with regard to your statement "Repercussions in life do not always occur fact it takes decades to reveal themselves" very, very true!!

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Nice response....and so true.

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Very well said...I agree with you 100%!

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If the author of an article has stated that she does not need to read people's comments, implied by 'truetrini'. then it would have been better if comments had been disabled for this piece - so she could just air her feelings. As it is, if indeed this is her arrogant stance, I, for one, would not waste my time to comment on any future articles she may write.

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Hmm....I feel the same way....gave him a thumbs up but smh at the last sentence...Very regrettably, such are the risks when you put your child 'out there' on social media.